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Quasi-Student in the House

I feel like a student again. :P I’ve been in front of the computer all day (what’s new?) trying to make a decent newsletter layout for our account at work. I’m actually still waiting for the email of this PSD version of a layout from my teammate, but I thought I’d make a backup with a Word file template of a newsletter, which is now asking for graphics. It doesn’t suck, it’s just very…bland. Hmm, I remember I used to make newsletters in MS Word back when the Internet isn’t the big thing yet. :P

Anyway, so this feels like homework, which I’ve been very distracted from since this morning. It’s amusing how when we need something done, we find all sorts of distractions not to get it done. I suddenly found myself reading this book, napping, reading another book, watching a movie, watching another movie, watching a game on TV, downloading something, eating — doing anything but. Hah. But now I’m working on it…first I have to blog. :P

Oh and speaking of game…Animo La Salle! It’s the first game I watched this season, and it’s a crucial game at that! :) I don’t want to be at Araneta, but it must’ve been fun after winning. I slept a bit during the game (sugar rush because of Keebler’s cookies hee hee), but I saw the last few moments! Wohoo! :) I miss this — school spirit and whatnot. Although I have to admit, UAAP games bring out the worst in me. :P Ahehe. I’ll see if I can post about my frosh UAAP memories next time. ;)

Anyway. Right now I just stuck the second article in the newsletter layout, and I’m afraid to show this to my officemates tomorrow because it’s gonna suck. But it’s a good backup, in case we couldn’t get anything done tomorrow morning. I still have this training I have to prepare for, and I haven’t reviewed about databases in PHP — my topic tomorrow. Whee. It feels like I’ve been doing continuous reports for a class with that training.

But as much as I miss being a student — with all the allowances, the free time, the vacation, the stress of school work, seeing friends everyday, college weeks, booths with all those free stuff such as promotional pens, pulling all nighters for projects, dorm moments — I’m happy where I am. :) Then again, I sort of kind of feel like a student whenever I go to work, only with a different kind of deliverable, and my teammates feel like one big barkada…so it’s almost the same. Almost. But I’m not complaining. :D

It’s the last day of September! Whew, that was fast. :) Tomorrow’s a brand new month, and here’s a small list of resolutions that I will try my best to do until the end of the year, which I should have been doing since January but not. :P

  1. Eat healthier. As in at least one serving of salad a week (I love Pho Hoa chicken salad!), and less sweets for snacks (which means no more fries and milkshake or DQ…huhu)
  2. Exercise. Go boxing either at the gym or at home with the punching bag. My gloves are not ornaments, they are to be used!
  3. Go to a yoga class sponsored by my company at least once.
  4. Have dinner/go out with my high school friends, Godchicks and my old office friends.
  5. Make a new layout for Godchicks before the year ends.
  6. Post more to Mission: Sydney and get really serious with my going to Sydney next year. Yes I will go to Sydney in July 2007. Itaga sa bato.
  7. Open a bank account for my savings by December.

That should be enough. Back to the newsletter!