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The 24th Birthday Wish List

AAAAND IT’S MARCH! Hello, favorite month.

Since it’s my favorite month, I’ve been thinking of starting another 30-day blogging challenge. We all know what happened why I didn’t get to finish my 30-day challenge last September. It’s a valid excuse, I know, but I still want to do that challenge again. I just need a name, and something to spice up the challenge. Hm. Let’s see. I can start tomorrow and end right at March 31, right?

But before anything else. There’s a lot of reasons why March will be awesome, but I need to get this out first. :P My brother has been bugging me about this list for some reason. It’s not the first time he’s asked for a wish list — in fact, we often have our own wish lists for Christmas and our birthdays, but this year, he was insistent and he kept on asking about it. So, without further ado, here’s my 24th birthday wish list. This isn’t only for my brother of course — if you’re kind and generous and wish to allow me some material indulgence on the day I turn 24, who am I to stop you? ;-)

Don’t worry, prices aren’t so expensive as KVM switches. ;)

And OMG, I’M TURNING 24. :o


The 24th Birthday Wish List

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The 2007 Christmas Wish List

I am supposed to be writing now, but my mind refuses not to be distracted (argh) so I decided to do some more posting. It’s currently 12:29AM, and I’m supposed to be sleeping but I thought I’d give night shift another chance so I’m conditioning my body to sleep a bit later so I’ll be awake tonight. Let’s see how this goes.

Anyway, it’s how many days till Christmas, and in the spirit of the past years…I shall post another Christmas wish list. :) If you’re feeling quite generous, here’s some material things that you could get me that would make my Christmas brighter. :D

  • Black or pink MacBook 13.3″ iSkin. You can get one here with a really cheap price and have it delivered to me. ;) Thanks, Wacky :D
  • New earphones. Triskal’s earphones are peeling and apparently, any physical damage is not covered by Apple’s warranty (Argh). I want anything white, with good sound. I hear Creative is good?Thanks, Mike :D
  • New shoes for work — preferably low-heeled or flats, size 6.
  • The Longman Writer Bible (P700+ in Powerbooks :D)
  • Come Be My Light by Mother Teresa and Brian Kolodiejchuk
  • Wallet that has a lot of card pockets.
  • Bags. Any design as long as it’s big enough to bring to work. NEW!
  • A small and sturdy umbrella. As long as it does not get destroyed after one use. Black would be nice. :) Or purple.Thanks Ate Liza :) 
  • At least 160GB external laptop HDD, Mac ready, of course. At least 160GB, because Aslan’s hard drive is 160GB, and I want to see how Time Machine works when I upgrade to Leopard, so I need an HDD bigger than Aslan’s current HDD. :D
  • A new water tumbler for work. My Pizza Hut Leaning Tower of Pisa tumbler is cracking. :-s Starbucks tumbler would be nice.Thanks, Happy :D
  • 2007 Switchfoot Holiday Pack :D
  • Dreamhost webhosting registration for two years. :P And a free domain registration too, if you want to make it a whole package. :)
  • A bookshelf. Maybe around 4 feet high, and 4 feet wide or something. I’ll get back on a photo of this.
  • A day out with the Godchicks — all complete!
  • Pocket weekly Moleskine hardcover 2008 planner (I’m gonna get this myself in a week, so tell me if you’re getting me this :P).
  • Coolpad for Aslan.
  • AppleCare for iPod video (Triskal)
  • AppleCare for Aslan (never hurts to get one early :P)
  • New slacks and tops for work
  • Free hair straightening session at Going Straight
  • Free foot spa and pedicure
  • Blank unlined notebooks
  • Anything with stars
  • A sunflower (good luck with this :p)
  • Two (2) 0.4 Pilot gTec refills, black
  • A purple gTec 0.4 pen :D

Interestingly, there’s only one book. :) Haha. This will be updated when needed. :D I’m a pretty easy to please person; you don’t need to get me anything too expensive (like a 2000 Mustang, for example) to make me happy. Seriously. :P

Okay I will try to write again. Let me reach at least 16k words before I go to sleep.