Thursday Thirteen # 1: Things I miss in college

There are so many fun things to do for blogs, don’t you think? :) Thursday Thirteen, you sound interesting! I’m going to try you now. :)

I’ve been going down to memory lane lately and I’ve been feeling nostalgic and all…so here’s Thirteen Things I miss from college (in no particular order), my first Thursday Thirteen. :)

  1. My dorm. It may not be as glamorous or as nice as living in any of the condos near school, but my dorm was home. My first room was not just a living space but a party area because of all the visitors we have, and my second room was a place away from all the madness there is inside school. :) Ah, fun times. My dorm’s being torn down now though, because it’s going to be renovated. So sad. :(
  2. Planet Gokongwei. For those who don’t know, Planet Gokongwei is Gokongwei building, which is my College of Computer Studies’ building in DLSU. It’s called “Planet” because it’s far away from the main buildings. :D Gox may have been too far away from the main buildings or may be too hot or too crowded or whatever, but Gokongwei is still home. :)
  3. The YFC Tambayan. This is the place where most of the people from my college “org” (I used quotes because I don’t think of CFC Youth for Christ as an organization but as a community) hangs out. My place of solitude when things in Gox get too mad. Of course, it’s not exactly quiet if you think of solitude that way. In the YFC Tambayan, I can be forget about my academic worries and be with my friends who also seek the face of God. :)
  4. And speaking of which…I miss my IST block. I miss our classes, our miss the times we have food trips (that was usually before Ms. Lilet’s classes, right?), our random Y!M chats, our thesis woes, lunches and dinners and all that. I miss you aaaallll.
  5. The Pearl of the Great Price Chapel. This is the place where I know I’d find God for sure. If ever I needed some peace and quiet and some spiritual consolation and can’t find it because the place around me is so cluttered and noisy, this is the sure place I’d go to.
  6. Aithne, Janine and Ynna, my first roommates. We still haven’t got the chance to eat that bucket meal together! Man, we should should should do that, like soon! These girls made being stressed fun. All nighters galore. :)
  7. Ann, Aya, Jamie and Katz, my second roommates. My younger sisters. :) You guys made being “ate” feel tons nicer. I loved treating you guys for Cello’s and I love having food trips with you guys. I miss you!
  8. The Ampitheater. If ever I’m in need for a breath of fresh air, the ampitheater is the first place I’d go to. The place to hang out, to talk, to watch concerts in and to have households when there’s no place to go to — that’s the ampitheater!
  9. And again, speaking of which…my YFC Docu household! I miss being a mommy to all of you guys and our bi-monthly household gatherings. I seriously didn’t mind texting you all for whatever YFC activity we have. I promise to have a reunion and to treat you guys to dinner or something when I get a job!
  10. The Happy Veggie Girls: Bea, Tuesday and Happy. These girls are the ones who I knew I could run to immediately for anything that comes up into my life. I hope that thing on the 18th works out. :)
  11. Animo Canteen’s burritos, mojos, ham and french toast and melon juice. They’re not the cheapest food on campus, but they sure are yummy and easy to buy when I’m at the tambayan. :) Oh yeah, I don’t recommend eating them all together. ;)
  12. SPS Canteen’s soft ice cream. For Php25.00, I can get a cup of soft vanilla ice cream mixed with another flavor and topped with either chocolate or caramel syrup. :) My personal favorite is strawberry-vanilla topped with chocolate syrup. Yum!
  13. Having classes. I miss the general idea of having classes. Of having something definite to do everyday. Of having something to finish every week, every term. I even miss the stress of projects and exams, and the joy (and sometimes sorrow) of receiving the grades. I just miss being a student. *sigh*

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