Thursday Thirteen # 13: Superpowers

The last time I did this was last November. I stopped because I got too busy, and sometimes, I just simply forgot. Now that I found myself with nothing to do here, so I’ll be posting my thirteeth Thursday Thirteen. Hmm, do you think the number has something to do with my hiatus?

So this week’s TT is going to be in honor of my new favorite TV shows, Heroes. Here are the top 13 super powers that I think are teh coolest. This is based not only on the powers of the characters in Heroes, but based on the list of comic book superpowers (who knew there could be so many?).

Thursday Thirteen # 13: Superpowers
Thirteen Coolest Superpowers from the List of Comic Book Superpowers:

  1. Technopathy (Micah Sanders). Best power for geeks. Imagine being able to make a complete software without bugs. Or make my computer go faster without ever upgrading anything. Yeah. Every geek’s dream.
  2. Healing Factor (Claire Bennet, Wolverine). I would never be afraid to do stunts or extreme sports ever again since I can heal…as long as no one takes my brains. :P
  3. Animal Mimicry (Animorphs). I like how you will be able to experience what it is like to be an animal, like how it feels to be a cat or a dog. It can also be a form of escape or stress reliever, as what Cassie of Animorphs sometimes does. Of course, if there are brain-enslaving slugs that are out to take over the world, then it might not be as fun.
  4. Invisibility (Claude, Invisible Girl/Woman). Sometimes we all just want to disappear, and this power gives that. Of course, some terms of this power isn’t fun, such as Rodney Skinner (LXG) when you become permanently invisible. But if it’s like Claude — well it can be fun. Just don’t get into mischief. :P
  5. Innate Capability. In one word: genius. Wikipedia defines this as: Ability to naturally have skills and/or knowledge typically earned through learning. That doesn’t sound much like a super power but a really good skill (and maybe lots of Promil during early age).
  6. Empathy (Peter Petrelli). I believe this also can be classified as a normal human trait. I wish I could be more empathic to others because sometimes sympathy isn’t enough. But this could be difficult to have too, especially when there are so many emotions that are running high around you.
  7. Precognition (Isaac Mendez, Seth Borders). Though Isaac’s powers seem to be much more glamorous/special-looking, I like Seth’s power better since he gets to see different versions of the future instead of just one. Of course, it would be mighty confusing since the future changes with every move we make right now. But still a cool power.
  8. Telepathy (Matt Parkman). I used to have this series which was entitled “Mind Readers” where my group of characters got mind reading powers because of some chemicals they mixed and exploded in their Chem Lab (sooo Alex Mack). Obviously they can read minds by focusing onto people they want to read, and they can communicate telepathically too. Anyway, this is both cool and uncool because it’s nice to be able to know what your friend wants for his birthday or Christmas, but you will also know what they are thinking about when they’re not exactly fond of you. Double-edged sword.
  9. Phasing (DL Hawkins, Kitty Pryde). This sure saves time when you get home and you realize you forgot your keys inside. Come to think of it, you never have to carry any keys!
  10. Flight (Nathan Petrelli). Enough said. Seriously. Flying = cool. :)
  11. Illusions (Candice Wilmer). I used this same power over one of my characters in a series that I am still pondering if I should resurrect. This is very, very useful in combat, and in manipulating other people (not that I’d want to do that, of course). No wonder Candice in Heroes is always so cocky.
  12. Teleportation (Hiro Nakamura, Nightcrawler). Two of my favorite characters possess this power. I have read in some blogs that they want to have this power because of the opportunity to travel and no need to have any visa’s or save for airfare. Just close your eyes and poof! You’ll be where you want to be. Of course, if the Immigration people caught you, you’d be in big trouble, but you can just teleport away.
  13. Power mimicry or absorption (Peter Petrelli, Rogue). I think this is THE ultimate super power. You can get any power you want, just by touching the person (Rogue) or just by being near the person or thinking about them (Peter). Of course, Rogue’s power has its downsides seeing that she can’t make any physical contact or else she’ll kill other people, and Peter’s power can make him crazy but with right control, this power totally rocks. Then again, if you have this power, then you won’t need to have the previous twelve I mentioned — you just need to look for people with those powers, stay with them a while and there’s your new power. Hmm…superpower shopping. Why not?

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That was fun. Now I’m off to watch episode 20 of Heroes. Yeahba. :)