La la la Live Out Loud

At the office with Vanessa and RachelleLast Friday was my last day at work. I was permitted to be a bit relaxed, provided I finish all the documents for turnover and request for transfer early. Around 3:00pm I was done, so all I did was talk with my officemates and do some picture taking. I was really surprised at all the good luck messages I got and the cake I received from one of the vendors. :) And luckily, I also got paid yesterday which means I won’t be poor for the next two weeks until I get paid for my new job. :) Praise God.

I still can’t believe I’m done with my first job. Wow. It’s been an amazing journey, and even if I felt like wanting to quit a lot of times already, every moment is irreplaceable. Great Adventure indeed.

And speaking of Great Adventure, Tuesday, Happy and I went to meet the person who composed and sang the song, Steven Curtis Chapman. Yesterday was his second night of concert sponsored by Cathedral of Praise. Of course we wouldn’t miss this one, so we got there early. Funny though, because I think God played a joke on us because Happy and I almost didn’t get back in when we took a CR break at around 5:30pm. I will be eternally grateful to this guy usher who Tuesday talked to so we could get back in again. We didn’t get his name, but I will really pray for him.

The show was great! I still wish he sang Moment Made for Worshipping but it’s okay because he sang Great Adventure anyway (in a really rocking version!), plus other favorites like Dive, Speechless, For the Sake of the Call. :) Great great night.

With Chris ChesbroAnd then we got to hang out with the band afterwards. See, last year, Tuesday was one of their tour guides when they visited here (I was a part of the team too, but I was selling tickets so I didn’t get to go around with them). So this year, Tuesday introduced us to Chris (the band’s bassist), who picked us up and brought us upstairs (which got him into trouble…oops!) so we ended up hanging out in the green room. A little while later, Steven’s sons, Caleb and Will, and their sound engineer, Russ, joined us and we took tons and tons of pictures and talked. I have to say, Chris is the most popular one that night, with all his photo ops and whatnot. :P It was fun hanging out with them, getting to see their personalities aside from their stage presence.

With Caleb Chapman With Will Chapman

With Russ With Caleb and Will

Unfortunately, Steven was busy so we didn’t get to talk to him that much. We only saw him right before they left, which gave us the photo op:

With Steven Curtis Chapman

They had to leave because they were up to watch Transformers (Awesome movie, btw). Tuesday dropped us off at Taft, we ate late dinner and then headed to Robinson’s Pioneer to wait for my brother to pick us up.

Today, I am watching CSI: Miami on AXN, and I should get ready to go out because I’m up for a haircut/pedicure and picture taking for my 1×1’s for my new job tomorrow. I better get going if I want to get back home by 6:30 for the mass.

Awesome weekend, and I’m praying for an awesome week at my new work. :) Have a blessed Sunday everyone. :)

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  1. New Job that is…Hmp….I wanna watch Transformers but time won’t allow me!

    I wish I can Download a copy of that movie haha!

    Good Luck on your New Job!

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