WP Theme: Spring Butterfly

Spring Butterfly 1.0 WP Theme

I do not know what spring really looks/feels like, and I know it is summertime in the Philippines, but whatever. :P The thing is: I just made my first downloadable WordPress Theme! Wohoo! :)

Refineme.org version 3: Simple lang talagaThis theme is based on one of my old domain layouts (pictured on the left) which I released back in 2004. It looked a lot different then than it does now, but back then I was still using b2, WordPress‘ predecessor (anyone remember this?), so themes are basically non-existent then ((Or maybe there are, but I didn’t know anything about it)). I can’t remember where I got the butterfly image, but I think I got it from gettyimages or something. I really can’t remember. :P This was also the first layout where I started using PHP from old SHTML. I was influenced by my software engineering class big time. :)

You may preview the theme or download it. :D If you see any bugs, please don’t hesitate to contact me about it.

Who knew making WP themes can be so addictive? Hahaha! I’m such a geek! :-B But I really did have fun! Now to make WP themes out of my other old layouts. Booyah!