All These Things (8): Space for what matters

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I was planning my week last night before going to bed and while I was doing so, I started freaking out because why are there so many things to do? I feel like I’m running out of time, which, of course, is all in my head. But I can’t help it sometimes, especially when I realize that it’s almost past half October, and soon it’s November, and the last two months of the year is usually my busiest.

And the lola in me just wants to get enough sleep.

I’m not complaining, because there’s nothing to complain about. I do know that I may be too busy sometimes. My friends at work tell me this all the time, and lately, I agree. And lately, I’ve been thinking of the things and activities that I could maybe let go of, even temporarily, to make room for other things that I need to prioritize. Like writing, school, SFC, exercise, and sleep (most important!).

I guess I’m coming to a point where I realize that I don’t need to do everything. Years ago, I kept on saying “Yes” to so many things because they’re fun and I want to try new things…but maybe now, it’s time to start saying No. Because I only have so much time, and I need to make space for the things that matter.


The Mermaid From Siquijor by  Justine Tajonera, from the #StrangeLit Fateful Turns bundle. With all the things I need to do, I barely have the time to read, and when I do read, I want it to be as stress-free as possible. Meaning short stories, or stories that don’t make me think too much (but feels are okay!). I hang out with my Kindle and my Buqo app a lot, because paper reading makes me fall asleep too fast and I just feel guilty with the book.

That said, the #StrangeLit bundles are really fun, and I’m only about 1/5 through the stories (there are 41!). Reading these makes me wish I could write fantasy, but I think I’m really more of a reader of the genre. But who knows, maybe later.

Go get them if you haven’t – they’re Php 90 each on Buqo, with 10-11 stories in each bundle!


Sill that novel, and also some articles for work. :D I have to put that novel on hold for a bit because of school, but when I’m on break, I write some. It’s an uphill climb, but that’s good for the heart, right?


Jon McLaughlin’s new album, Like Us. Liking it so far. :)


Of what to do after this. Do I design, or do I edit?


Nothing as of the moment, but I bought a new air purifier scent from Mia Maison last week, called Rain. (I may have bought it because of the association with my book. :D) It smells so nice and clean. :)


That I be satisfied with the productivity I have every day, when I know I have exerted effort. (Because there are times when I know I haven’t, and that just feels right to feel bad about that. But I mustn’t let that get to me.)

So now my wish is that I would focus, give my all, then let go at the end of the day.


Purple and black dress, black cardigan. It’s Monday, and it’s always dressier during Mondays.


Studying! It’s not easy to juggle schoolwork and work, and it’s totally not easy heading to Makati for the whole day on Saturdays, but I like being in class. Learning is fun, and meeting new people is also very fun. We had our last class for Digital Marketing Analytics 102, and we still have a long way to go with our marketing plans. But look at us, so happy in our last class picture!

We have a final defense on October 24 to get us our Specialist titles, so wish us luck. :)


A pair of hands to help me out at work would be nice. What did the Gospel last week say? Ask and you shall receive? There. Lord, please give me someone to help out with all of this soon.

Also wanting to iron out the schedule this week – including the non-work event tomorrow at Makati, and the dentist appointment on Friday. Not looking forward to the dentist thing on Friday, but alas, it is needed.


A good workout. And not to be lazy so I can get that workout.

Also to pass the defense on the 24th.

And yes, sleep. But that’s a given.


Slightly bit hassled because of the adulting things I need to do. Haha, but well, we cannot avoid being adults, and stuff. Remind me to call my dentist later.

I also feel like I need to hustle now. So, hustling. Don’t let the Monday blues beat you, folks!

Image credit: Time’s Up by Ana Fuentes

2012 Mixtape

Also known as: The requisite 12-12-12 post
Can also be called: My 2012 soundtrack

I am a sucker for dates like this, so I cannot let 12-12-12 pass by without posting something at exactly 12:12.1 I was thinking of something inane to post, something random like my Leap Day post, and then I realized that I should probably start my 2012 recaps early because who knows how busy I will be by year-end?

I’m gonna go all hipster and make my 12-12-12 post a mixed-tape / my 2012 soundtrack post. But a side note first: You know I never really made mixed-tapes when I was younger? :D I made mixed CDs, yes, but I never made mixed-tapes. I did, however, record shows and songs from the radio especially when I liked the songs — I remember this time when I recorded Backstreet Boys’ version of I’ll Never Find Someone Like You and listened to it over and over and over and over again.

But I digress. I’m far from a musical person, really, and I only sing when I am forced to/bored/really feeling the song. However, I am almost, always listening to something when I am free. It may be a defense mechanism so I won’t have to talk to anyone when I’m outside, but more often than not, I listen to songs so keep my mind from wandering everywhere. I have yet to learn keeping my mind still in the silence, but for now, let me have my music.

[original image from we heart it]
So for this post, my first recap for 2012, I have 12 songs that will remind me of 2012 every time I listen to them.2 It’s not necessarily one song per month, even if it may seem like it.3

Also, warning: lots of ~feelings~ in these songs. Haha. :P You were warned!

1. There is a Reason by Caedmon’s Call (Overdressed)

For the lonely nights and broken hearts
The widow’s mite in the rich man’s hand
And the continent whose blood becomes a traitor
For the child afraid to close their eyes
The prayers that seem unanswered
There is a reason, there is a reason

If I made a similar post last year, this song would be on that list, too. This song reminds me that…well, there is a reason for everything, and God makes all things good.


  1. if it’s exact by the second, I do not know, because WordPress doesn’t have that by the second setting. So let’s just assume that it was posted at exactly 12:12:12 []
  2. Or you know, some songs I played on repeat at certain times during the year. []
  3. My research tells me that in January, I was still listening to some leftover 2011 songs that I should’ve let go when the year started. :P []