Leap Day

Also known as: Because I’m a sucker for dates, and leap year comes every four years.

So today is a date that comes only every four years, and because like what I said there ^, I can’t let this day pass without a blog post. Yeah, I’m shallow like that.

But anyway, leap day! This calls for a leaping picture, or a jump shot:

Taken at Bohol Beach Club, photo c/o Billy

Corny. But anyway, I obviously owe a few more entries to this, and I’m finding time to work on it soon, especially now that I am back on normal day shift. I’ll find time soon, I promise.

On another note, I have major (major) updates regarding the things I wrote in this post: I have a word and a pretty okay draft of my five year plan! :) So exciting to finally get moving on that, but it’s also very hard to really live the word I chose, especially during times that I feel anything but that word.

Lent also started last week, and it’s been very interesting so far. I’d post about what I gave up and what I decided to do. It’s challenging, but I’d like to believe there’s growth somewhere there. Especially in blurting out random nonsense online. Suffice to say that this is also stretching me to be a nicer person, and it all connects to my word for the year again. Hm, it goes full cycle — I love it.

There’s really no point in this post, except to post for the sake of posting. Four years ago, I was too busy during leap day because our team hosted an event for work. This year, I’m just at work. Doing nothing really spectacular (except maybe trying — and sometimes/often failing — to be a nicer person), except facilitating a planning later tonight. I guess this is one of the times when choosing to have an ordinary day is already special enough.

So I hope you have an extraordinary February 29, and may it make you look forward to the next leap day. :) As for me, I’m just thankful that there’s an extra day in this year for me to feel and thank God for His grace. :)

And with that, I leave you with another jump shot:

Photo taken at Alabat Island, Quezon

P.S. OMG it’s March tomorrow! Hello, favorite month! :)

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