2009 in Sentences

First off, Merry Christmas! :)

6 days left until 2010, and I honestly can’t wait. But before 2010 comes upon us, it’s just right to look back, regardless of how 2009 was, right?

So here’s the first one for this year. I did this for the past two years and it’s kind of like a tradition already, so here we go. :D Good thing it isn’t anything complicated, so I don’t need any business plan consultants for this. :D

And here we go!

Take the first sentence (or two) from the first entry of each month and post it here. That’s your year in review.

  • January
  • February
    I should have made this post yesterday, but I was too busy with my sideline that I didn’t have enough juice to write at night.
  • March
    It’s been a long time since I have read a Ted Dekker book, and I have been eyeing this one ever since I saw it at National Bookstore.
  • April
    I love retellings. Ever since I read about this NaNoWriMo story about putting characters from Greek mythology into one story, I’ve always wanted to write my own retelling of something.
  • May
    And finally, I got to read this book.
  • June
    I haven’t exactly blogged it before, but to those who care (or not haha), here’s some news: I’m not exactly a Twilight fan anymore.
  • July
    I’m writing this down on TextEdit because my Internet connection refuses to cooperate (of course by the time I post this online, my Internet is obviously better), and I just need to let these thoughts out or else I wouldn’t be able to sleep thinking of all the things related to this.
  • August
    I was born a little less than a month after EDSA People Power Revolution, so I never really had much of an experience about that revolution.
  • September
    Am I the only one who’s kind of bewildered that it’s September already?
  • October
    It’s been five days since that day that I saw our house submerged in the flood, and sometimes I still wonder if everything that happened was just a dream.
  • November
    With all the hoopla of the flood and all that, I almost skipped National Novel Writing Month this year.
  • December
    Ah…December. How excited I am to see you.

Interesting. Some of them are first lines of a review.

Once again, I can’t wait for 2010. :D