A Little Dose of Fiction

Day 21This entry should be going to Wordplay, but it’s not flash fiction because I’ve written this one months ago. Anyway, I’m just really tired today so I can’t go and think of anything deep to write about (I still owe you guys something though). Soo…since NaNoWriMo is almost upon us (still going crazy thinking about it!), and I’ve been meaning to finish this novel soon (gimme time, gimme time!), I thought I’d share a part of my 2008 novel that I am currently finishing/revising. :)

Most of the stuff I wrote in 2008 are still unused in this re-written version…which is like a total bad thing to do when you’re not yet done with your novel, but really, the things I wrote November last year? It sucked. Haha. Then again…this excerpt I’ll share may also suck just as bad so I shouldn’t judge.

Before I cut this entry…I invite you! If you’ve been wanting to write a novel all your life and haven’t…well, this November is just the perfect time to write a novel! :) Everyone’s welcome to join the challenge, so if you have a passion for creative writing, you’re welcome! So…join the National Novel Writing Month! 30 days to write a 50,000 word novel. Crazy? Yes! Fun? DEFINITELY. :)

So here we are…one of the favorite new parts for my 2008 novel. :D Unedited, of course, so excuse the errors. :)

The meeting was finished an hour later, after we had given updates on the latest projects. It was honestly harder to focus after the news, and I was glad to be able to share in the excitement. Lia’s go signal to hire another person probably excited me more than the concert itself, and I couldn’t wait to share it with the team.

I followed Chiara, Melody and Phil outside of the meeting room, the two women chattering noisily about the Chasing Daylight event while Phil rolled his eyes every now and then at Chiara’s excitement. I was too busy checking my notes for my team meeting in the next hour to notice that someone was standing outside the door of the meeting room, waiting.


It was – surprise, surprise – Ian. I didn’t notice him leave the room first because I was also too busy trying to ignore all the staring. I almost wanted to ask him out loud what his problem was right in the middle of the meeting, but good thing I caught myself. Was he waiting for me here?

“Hey,” I replied politely, and then continued walking. He fell into a step beside me, confirming my thoughts that he was indeed waiting for me.

“Uh…Ruth, may I ask you something?”

The question was innocent enough, but somehow it made me nervous. What was so important that he had to ask permission to ask it first? Why didn’t he just ask me outright? It wasn’t like he was going to ask me out on a date, or something.

That is…he wasn’t, right? He couldn’t be.

I stopped in my tracks. He stopped too, looking at me intently while he waited for my answer. We were both standing at the longest hallway at work that we all call the viewing deck. The viewing deck is just a long hallway that is line with windows on one side facing west, allowing us to have the best view of the city during sunset. The sun was just about to set at that moment, and it lit up Ian’s background, almost like there was a heavenly light shining on him.

That vision just fueled my thoughts. Maybe he is asking me out. My heart pounded as I considered it. But why? Why would he ask me out? Ian and I do know each other, but not too well for him to actually ask me on a date. Right? I mean, I knew him vaguely from college, but we never really hung out. In fact, I didn’t even remember him until a few months of working together, and that only means I’ve never seen him out of the ordinary. We don’t even talk as much as I do with Chiara or even Glenn here at work. How can he ask me out?

But he’s nice. And he seems to be a real gentleman too, from what I observed from him last week.

But he’s been particularly nice the past few days…so maybe there is something?

Something with Ian? A possible romantic relationship?

Could he be The One?


I blinked and Ian came back into focus. Still caught up in a daydream of me and Ian as a couple, I heard myself respond in a light and breathless tone, “Yes?”