Balai Laiya

So last weekend, we went to the beach.


And yes, that photo up there is the same view we had for two days. :)

Anyway, we’ve been planning to have a beach trip (or just any trip of some sort) for the club since last year after all the work we had done, and I’m really glad we got to do it last weekend. Of course, not everyone made it, but it was okay. The weekend was just what I need to relax and have fun, you know?

So Saturday, after my long night of dinner and drinks and talks with my teammates at the previous night, we rode the rented van and headed for an almost four-hour trip to Laiya, Batangas. We were at Coco Grove last year for our company outing, and Balai Laiya is a few resorts away. After breakfast, a long ride and no sleep in the van because of all the jokes and the bumpiness of the rides, we finally got to the resort.

And let me just say: WOW.

Our accommodationThe thing about Balai Laiya is that it’s a very private resort. Even if it is connecting with other resorts along the coast of San Juan, you have to have a reservation before you can enter. The twelve of us got this complex, rooms 5 and 6 (at the bottom) and 9 and 10 (at the top). The rooms were quite small but it was for three people, had a very pretty bathroom and you can have your room airconditioned for an additional Php 600. Not that it was needed for the upper rooms — the air was strong enough to keep the room cold! The room has two beds (without heated mattress pads — no need for this anyway) but extra bedding can be requested easily, too.

Oh and did I mention that the bathroom was pretty? Haha, sorry, I’m very particular to bathrooms in places like this, and I love that there’s a hot and cold shower in the bathrooms. :D

The people were very, very accommodating too. As soon as you get in, they give you a welcome drink, and you can ask everything from the reception area. Assistance to your requests is delivered almost immediately. I say almost, because there were times when we have to wait a while for someone to go to the reception after we buzz. But they’re pretty nice. :)

VerandaOther resort facilities were also very relaxing. At the dining area, there was this small place where lounge chairs were set up and you can talk and play sungka. There’s a small native swing, and a tower that you can climb up to see an even greater view of the coast. I wanted to climb that but when I tried, the vertical ladder kind of scared me. Haha that, or I was too heavy to get myself up. Oops. :P But that tower is perfect to watch the sunrise/sunset. :)

There’s also the other services that the resort offers for a small fee: full body massage for Php 300, Manicure / Pedicure for Php 150, as well as rentals for other things in water sports like kayaks, life vests, fins, snorkels and masks.

Batangas BeachFor the first day we hit the beach after our afternoon nap. Ah yes, the sun, sand, waves and water! ♥ It’s fun to be at the beach at this time of the year because it’s not that hot yet, so you can enjoy the sun without really burning up and the water is not that cold or murky. We swam for a while, enjoying the waves and the sand and then decided to trek all the way to the end of the beach (at the La Luz Resort side) to have a photo-op at the rocks.

Beautiful, beautiful place. And the cold weather was really a plus. :P

After that long afternoon at the beach, we headed back, ate dinner, got our massages, and set out for the night’s drinking session. I swear, I was with the craziest people that night. No one went to sleep early in fear of losing an eyebrow or getting a few more by the next morning (figure it out :P). So many jokes, so many photos and so many moments that I ended up getting a huge headache that night from all the laughing (and air?) in my head. :))

WavesI wanted to go up the tower to watch the sunrise, but that’s aiming too high. I woke up with the sun way up but with enough time to eat breakfast and hit the beach once again. The waves were huge though! And the water was cold! But it was awesome! :) If I wasn’t so scared of deep water and if there were surfing lessons there, I would’ve tried that! Seriously. Who wouldn’t want being hit by the waves over and over again? :))

But seriously, it was fun. :P

And it was also a moment to reflect. There’s nothing like being in the midst of nature to see and feel the glory and majesty of God. I found myself singing Devotion in my head while the waves hit me over and over again:

When You stand,
The tall trees and mountains bow.
When You speak
The fiercest of oceans is still.

God, You are awesome. :)

Then we had our last lunch, and left the resort after washing up. And then it’s back to reality.

But wait, there’s more. :P

The real highlight of the resort is not the rooms or the facilities or the beach even, but the food. For a rate of Php 1950/head for the triple sharing room in a two days-one night stay, you get four buffet meals (2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast). And the food was really just amazing. Silly me forgot to take pictures of it because we were too busy gobbling them all up (we had this running joke all weekend whenever we’d get seconds, we’d eat like there’s no more tomorrow). Seriously, it’s not like those meals where all food tastes the same and like they were recycled. The food was top notch. I can’t remember what we had exactly for each meal, but there was spaghetti (with meaty sauce and parmesan cheese!), spicy cheese sticks, different kinds of soups, taco salad, baked tahong, cheesy caldereta, veggies, fruit salad…yum yum. And there’s unlimited coffee, chocolate and tea too. :)

All in all, I’d really recommend Balai Laiya. :) It’s a pretty place, quite affordable and it’s really a great retreat from the busy city life. And don’t forget the food! :P I’m grateful for last weekend. Great place + great company = ♥ .

Oh and this is one of my favorite photos of the weekend too:

Talk about emo :P

Talk about emo huh. :P

Up next: Zambales with the teammates, I heard. Let’s see how many times I can hit the beach this year, shall we? :)

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  1. Mas cool pa ‘to sa advertisement mismo ng Balai Resort.LOL.

    Can we go there this weekend???With the IBM club people and Xenia,hahaha…

  2. hey tinamats..
    great entry..agree with Cors…far better than the resort’s advertisement.
    love our picture in the waves..looks like a postcard..i can just really feel the moment that time..

    your fan,

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