Blogging Drought

Well someone hasn’t been blogging much lately. Who’s getting tired of book reviews and other random things I’ve been posting lately? I know I am.

I kind of want to have a fresh start with my blogging life. I kind of miss just blogging about what happened in my everyday life and not worry about who reads it, or if what I’m saying actually makes sense. I kind of miss blogging about what I’ve learned during my prayer time or something interesting that happened that I just have to post about. Or something fun that happened during work. Or maybe even something annoying and I just needed to vent. Sometimes I wish I could just go and get another domain and start posting there, like what these two did. But I can’t, really, because of two reasons: I can’t bear to part with this domain name and I earn a bit of extra income from this blog and…well, I need that. Just like everyone needs the best acne treatment, you know?

It’s just another blogging drought, I guess. I’m honestly itching to make a new layout here, and post something of substance. Something that would bring the personality of this blog.

Come to think of it, I’ve been a bit of a blogging failure lately. Like, who stopped Wordplay after two months? And see how un-updated this blog has been? (Which reminds me, there is supposed to be an update for this!) No wonder I can’t go pro on blogging. Or can’t stick to any niche (except maybe anything related to books? heh)

I guess I just miss it. Blogging. And I also miss going to blogging-related events (or anything geeky, for that matter).

Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so depressing. I guess I just feel a bit dismayed at how impersonal this personal blog has been.

I want to change that.

I know I definitely need a new layout. And maybe I should make myself do a 30-day blogging challenge like her and her.

Let’s see. But I’ll definitely try harder this time.