Blueberry Cheesecake

Blueberry CheesecakeLast August, a dear friend of mine celebrated her birthday and I promised that I would bake her favorite on her birthday, Blueberry Cheesecake. Incidentally, it was in one of my baking goals for this year, so it’s just convenient that I’d be able to bake it and I can give it as a present for a friend on her birthday (and possibly on Christmas too).

Looking around online, I tried to find the easiest cheesecake recipe I can find and I got this Blueberry Cheesecake recipe from one of Noemi‘s blogs. It seemed easy enough, so I decided to stock up the ingredients and cook it. My mom is really supportive of my baking endeavors, so she readily bought the ingredients for me.

Who knew ingredients for Blueberry Cheesecake can be so expensive?

Anyway, I’ve plurked about this while I was cooking it (too lazy to find the actual Plurk to link — will do tomorrow) but the photo on the left is the actual thing I cooked. Yum yum, it still makes me hungry. :D

Some notes on this:

  • As Noemi mentioned, it’s not too sweet. I like it that way, as the blueberry really gives its sweetness.
  • The ones I cooked are thinner than the usual cheesecakes since I used a thinner pan. I ended up having two thin cheesecakes instead of one. No one’s complaining. :P
  • Blueberry is yummy. :D So is the cheese part of the cake after it has been baked. I can’t stop nibbling on it — I personally think I can eat a cheesecake plain. :P
  • I personally think the walnut is optional, as it gives kind of a weird taste with the crust. I tried grinding it on the second try, but it’s taste is really distinct that it turns off some people. Next time I’ll try cooking it without the walnut in the crust.

Yummy dessert, especially after it has been chilled. :D I’d definitely cook this again, and next time try it with different toppings. I think this wouldn’t be good with those on diet or on weight loss pills, but I can use a lighter kind of cream cheese (those with less fat) so it will be a bit less guilty. :P

Next on the list! This cheesecake. Or an apple pie. Or a double layered chocolate cake! Yum!

4 thoughts on “Blueberry Cheesecake”

  1. looks good, tina! i’d eat it lol.

    i don’t know if i mentioned this, but i hate all sweets and pastries. the ONE thing i DO eat is blueberry cake. how fortuitous that my GOOD FRIEND TINA knows how to bake it! *ahemahem*


  2. It looks soooooooo good! And when you don’t feel like blueberry, any other topping will do great! Cherries, peaches, mangoes… mmm!

  3. wow, looks nice ;-) toni over at wifely steps once featured a no-bake cheesecake whish i also tried out. really, really good ;-)

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