Bulleted # 1

  • It just occured to me that I didn’t really check how this site would look in IE because I’ve always been so used to Firefox. It doesn’t look bad exactly, just a bit…spacey. I must fix that. And work on a new theme as well. But for now, use Firefox! :) I’ll get to IE soon enough.
  • I convinced my mom to go to OMF Lit again earlier, so we oculd take advantage of their sale which would end tomorrow. In turn, I got four books! :) Yay!
    1. Searching for God Knows What by Donald MillerMixz recommended this book in her blog waaaay back and since then I’ve been on the lookout for it. I’ve seen Blue Like Jazz and I’ve been meaning to get a copy, but I wanted to get this book first. I thought I’d have to ask my dad to buy it for me, but turns out they have it at OMF. Yay!
    2. Blink by Ted Dekker – I was planning to buy The Circle Trilogy, but I couldn’t find a paperback version of Black. I didn’t want to buy only one book from the trilogy because that would leave me hanging, so I decided to buy Blink instead. Looks good, and from my experience with reading Thr3e, I think I won’t be disappointed in this book.
    3. Savannah from Savannah by Denise Hildreth – I needed another dose of Christian chicklit, and I was debating between Sisterchicks Down Under and My Life As a Doormat, but nothing quite fit what I wanted. Then i saw this, I liked it. And got it. :) Haha.
    4. Savannah by the Sea by Denise Hildreth – I just realized that I got the wrong book. Darn, this is the third book in the Savannah series, not the second. Darn it. Oh well, I’m gonna have to find a way to get the second one. Haha. :P At least I have this now, but I’m thinking of not reading this until I get the second one. Hmmm.
  • My dad’s going back to Saipan on Sunday. :( Is it just me or is there some kind of sad feeling here at home because of that?
  • I applied for my first job today, much thanks to Ganns‘ referral. Now I should get back to working on my portfolio.

Reviews for High School Musical (♥ ♥ ♥ ) and Thr3e coming up this week. :)