Godchicks: Putting God in the heart of the chick

We’ve waited for this for a loooong time and finally we have it up! No more words, it’s time to launch this!

Putting God in the heart of the chick.

What’s Godchicks? It’s a group blog/semi-eZine made by me and three of my friends, Tuesday, Bea and Happy. :D Godchicks is based on Holly Wagner’s book entitled God Chicks. This blog is up for all of us to share to everyone our insights, adventures and other interesting things for Godchicks out there. :) We try our best, with God’s grace to be real Godchicks, and we hope that in some way, we would be able to help other girls to become Godchicks themselves. :D

But wait! Godchicks isn’t just for chicks! Although all of us are chicks (haha, that felt weird), and mostly we’d be talking about girl stuff, guys may also visit this site to read about what may go on inside a Godchick’s mind…you may also learn how to understand Godchicks better here, relieving you of some burden in deciphering girl language. ;) Of course, we’d also love to hear from you (don’t we all?).

And with the opening of Godchicks, since it’s Valentine’s day, we‘d be talking about that crazy little thing called love. ;) Feed your love sickness and Valentine’s fever the Godchicks way! Come on now, click! =)

Wohoo! :D