I am a woman, hear me roar!

day seven.

Last Saturday was spent with gym and pampering myself, followed by good time spent with a good girl friend, followed by a movie with other great friends. So yes, Saturday was fun and relaxing. :) Sunday was composed of good times with family, and good food (Charlie’s — the best burger place in town, I swear).

Yeah, I just feel like recapping my weekend. Too bad it was short, but like I said, I’m having an extended weekend. :P

But there are more important things to talk about, and more important people to honor today. Yes, people. I’m not going to list them one by one, because there’s just so many of them in this world, and I’m one of them. At least, the last time I checked. ;)

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!

ADD Moment: I meant to post something with a ribbon, but I realize it may point to breast cancer awareness. So…there’s my pink mouse, and my (fading) Tigger key chain, to represent the “roaring”. Sort of. :P

And it’s just awesome to know that one of us won a very prestigious award in today’s Oscars. Congratulations to Kathryn Bigelow, director of The Hurt Locker, who bagged major awards in this year’s Academy Awards. I haven’t watched The Hurt Locker yet, but I know it’s a war movie and I would often associate to a guy director, so it was surprising that a woman directed it. I haven’t watched any other movie she directed, but I think her winning the Best Director award among all the other males was awesome, and just look at this:

Once again: awesome. :)

So to all the women out there, this is our day! Let the world know how much we women rock. :) Like what the commercials in Lifestyle Channel says: I’m passionate about being a woman.Roar!

This makes me even more excited for tomorrow’s concert: nothing like a female vocalist in a rock band to make me feel even more empowered. ;) Haha.

One last thing!

Again, Happy International Women’s Day! At the risk of sounding…I don’t know, corny, I guess? Anyway, let me say: rock on, girl friends! ♥