I Won a Moleskine!

And it will be sent to me by tomorrow morning. :) How cool is that? Much thanks to PinoyCentric! How did I win? Just like Liz, who also won a few weeks back, I also won through PinoyCentric‘s Ika Nga comic caption contest. I just happened to stumble upon their contest again after posting my graduation entry. I’m not really good with these things, but it’s a creative writing exercise so I thought, why not? I thought of a caption, posted a comment and a week later, I got an email. Really, really cool. =) I never expected to win. :P

This is the cartoon:

Pinoy Centric Ika Nga # 7

And my caption was: “Mai-d-drive ko ba ang Internet pagkatapos ng rehistro?” ((Rough Translation: Can I drive the Internet after registration?)).

I’m still giddy about the entire winning thing. I’ve admired Moleskine notebooks, and being a notebook collector I want one but I’ve been waiting for a “special occasion” (like my birthday or Christmas or something) before I buy one since it’s kind of hard on my regular day budget. Now I will be able to get one for free! Really, really cool. :P

Many many thanks to PinoyCentric! If you want to win a pocket Moleskine notebook too and read lots of great content on all things brown and beatiful, visit PinoyCentric now! Go go go!