Moolah Matters

Jomar, my financial guru (haha, yes naman), once told me that I should have other sources of income other than my job. True, I have rackets here and there, but they come once a year (Didache devotionals) and others come depending on the situation. I’ve been thinking about other things to do to earn money besides webdesign (because I am so sloooow at designing other people’s sites), and one that would not take much of my time, and now, I’m revealing what I will get into.

I just got approved for PayPerPost and BlogToProfit.

I resisted at the idea of signing up first because I feel like this blog would lose its personal touch. But after much thinking (and accounting), I decided to give it a try to see if it really works and if I can really do it. That, and I think it might be a good writing exercise for me, to make it creative and not ad-looking. It did work with this one, right, and I’m not even advertising this. :P So why not give it a try?

I won’t fill my blog with advertisements alone, and I promise to label everything that is sponsored (there will be a Sponsored Posts category). I also have a Disclosure Policy (thanks to, just to make things clear.

Oh, and if you do want to start doing PayPerPost, do sign up by clicking here:

All right! Bring on the moolah! :P