Moving hosts can be complicated

If you happened to visit Refine Me last night, you probably noticed that it disappeared. If you visited it earlier this morning, all other subpages go to 404 errors. Ladies and gentlemen, that is me moving hosts with little knowledge of how to do it. :P

I guess using CPanel for the past four years has made me so used to it that I was at a loss when I was tinkering with Dreamhost‘s own panel. That, and the knowledge of DNS nameservers and whatnot. See, my old host set up everything for me when Refine Me first opened, so I never touched any of it. Now I have to figure out when to change nameservers, where to put the files and all those domain stuff that I thought I knew but I never really did. :P It’s a learning experience, and good thing I had enough sense to back up everything first before doing anything. :)

Right now I’m trying to restore my other subdomains, just so they’re all up (ooh, this is up, yay). New layout to follow in a week or so, once my social calendar kind of clears up. :D I still have to transfer my domain registration (help! :-ss) and figure out how to start hosting other people in the Dreamhost Panel. :D

But first. I should eat breakfast and get ready for work. Haha it’s almost 9 in the morning and I’m still home. I have an excuse — I’m in the office until midnight last night. Argh. But I love flexi time. :) And I love my company.

Tonight’s our account’s Christmas party. I will try to take photos, if I don’t get too lazy. :P I will go Christmas shopping for my Kris Kringle baby later (thank God it’s easy to buy, not like maternity clothes which I have no idea how to go about buying). Which reminds me, I have to talk about our team building last Sunday. :D Tonight’s ought to be fun.

Have a great Friday, everyone. :)

3 thoughts on “Moving hosts can be complicated”

  1. congrats on the new host! haha, I’ve moved on to host monster myself. 100gb extra storage.. plus the $5.95/month rate is for a 2-year contract instead of 10-year contract.. how many years is yours? does dreamhost use cpanel too like protagonist?

  2. Chris: Haha having a missing website felt weird last night. :) But all’s good now, I’m just waiting for Godchicks to be set up.

    I took the 2 year plan which is supposed to be $214.80 but I found a promo code in the Dreamhost forums and got $97 off. :) Great deal. :D

    Dreamhost uses their own kind of Cpanel, and it’s a bit different from the normal CPanel we know in Protagonist. It’s kind of hard to figure out first, in my experience, but I’m getting used to it =D

  3. That’s amazing! 100 bucks off? You’re paying less than me then.. I paid $140 for two years. The first host I tried, Zenutech had their own control panel too, but I hated it cause it was so hard to work with. Host Monster uses CPanel, though so I feel more comfortable with it.

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