Multi-category post

Update: I finally have Google Adsense in my site. I’ve been hearing lots of things about this and the main (and probably only) reason why I signed up for this is to earn money. Why not? I mean, there’s no harm in putting them here, as far as I am concerned. Don’t worry, I won’t be changing my posts to get higher-paying ads. :)

Randomnities: I got my temporary driver’s license today. Okay, I got it yesterday, actually, but today I went back to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to get my second picture taken for the actual card. I got to see my picture there and in fairness, it actually looked good! Haha, but I need to practice driving. Badly. I was the one who drove the Lite Ace out of the garage earlier and though I managed to get it out without any accidents or the engine shutting down, my brain got all frazzled because there’s so much to do/so much happening with manual cars. BOO. I also got the (automatic) Lancer our earlier and that was easier. Of course, duh, it’s automatic.

So now, I’m gonna need to practice on manual, but I think I’ll be driving the automatic more. Because it’s easier and it’s less hassle to the mind. Haha. And tomorrow, I’ll be driving that car! Wohoo! I make it sound easy, but to be honest? Everytime I drive, my nerves get to work. Haha. I’ll get used to this. By November I shall be able to drive at EDSA! I claim it! :P

Pluggings: I joined a couple of message boards recently, just to kill time: Intrigue MB, Radiant MB and PhilWorship Forum. It’s pretty fun, though Intrigue MB needs more people, so if you’re not doing anything much and you want to pass time and meet new friends, go join Intrigue MB! =) My nickname there is stargirl. PhilWorship Forum is for Filipino Christians who want to talk about Christian music and worship, so if you like those two, go register! :D

WWW: Going through message boards like that again remind me of my early years in the web. I remember those early times when my website was still in gURLpages (the girly counterpart of Angelfire) and then later transferred to Geocities so I could get my site qualified for hosting. There was a rampant case of a website copycat then, and her foremost target were the most popular sites…I can’t remember the name of the copier, but I remember the sites: Diana’s Divine Designs (owned by Kimi), The Quilting Bee and so on. There was this message board named Odea Oddities (powered by UBB) which I joined not because I was a victim of the copycat but because I was curious and I want to be in the know with all the scoop about this copier. The board shut down eventually and then Dodo opened her own message board, which was named Dodo’s UBB, later renamed to Dodo’s IB (Ikonboard days!). That was the first community that I met most of my online friends from all over the world and where I felt most at home to. I remember the boards were at a comfortable number of members — 99. Turns out something was wrong with the registration thing, and when we transferred to Ikonboard, a flood of newbies came in. I guess in some way, us old members got clique-ish, that was why the flood of newbies was disturbing. Well, they were also quite annoying, but as my best friend says, it takes two to tango. Anyway, the newbie situation became uncontrollable for most of us veterans, until most of us eventually left the boards. I got busy with my offline life, and then that’s it.

What else? Ah, those graphic-heavy organizations! Haha! Toki Town! The Quilting Bee! Charm Clubs — Good Luck Friends Society, Starchilde, The Lucky Friends Society (is that right?)…what else? Oh yeah, those site competitions, I remember I joined The Site Fights and almost won their top prize.

Memories! I miss those days, where I knew a lot of people online. I have to admit, back then, my blogs did not sound like it was written by a Filipina, and most of my posts were nonsensical. :P Oh yeah, and kawaii was the in thing back then. And inserting Japanese words in posts every now and then. ;)

Shucks, I suddenly miss my old online friends. Athena, Heather, Babs, Jasmine, Susan, Louise…I have no idea where they are now, except for Athena and Heather. I wonder where the others are right now.

Randomnities yet again: I just got off from a phone interview for a job. Biruin nyo yun. I just realized that phone calls still scare me a bit. Haha. =))