My College Mommy

Happy Birthday, Momy Cathy!

As I write this greeting, I am overwhelmed with all the memories we’ve had together. :) And that, I hope, is one proof of how much our friendship means to me and that it will last even beyond college. :) You were always my number one supporter, my number one confidante, even if I happened to offend you, like twice. You’re the person who I know God sent to tell me that none of my efforts are in vain. I will forever be thankful that our friendship grew for the past four years. From the original block days to DASALGO/COMORGA/OBJECTP sessions to B.I.G.O. days and now to the days when we would eat lunch together (I still pray for the day that all four of us would be complete and there would be no more hangups!) and just talk the afternoon away…I look forward to future memories we’d have with each other. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY CATHY! (And just so you know, I am so not used to calling you plain Cathy anymore :p) I will always be here for you, and I love you, Mommy! But of course, God loves you more. Mwah! :-*