My good friend "Dory"

Happy Birthday, RJ!

So where do I start? Haha, it’s only been almost two years but I feel like I’ve known you for a long time already. I’ve never met someone who has the shortest short-term memory as you, and the one who has a SERIES (take note, a SERIES!) of corny jokes until you came along. Now that’s talent. ;) Okay fine, let’s put in the guitar playing (and violin?) and also the judo…so now you’re very talentado. :P Naks. ;)

I certainly miss our random kwentuhans at school, the joke times with you and your friends along Gox fourth floor, your rare presence at the tambayan and your oh-so interesting stories about your “special friends”. Haha. I hope you get what I mean…if not, I’ll explain when we see each other…if you don’t forget. Haha.

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY, RJ! May your short term memory be better this year and may you never lose that smile that you always wear and share to other people. :) And may you never run out of corny jokes EVER. :P Haha, kwentuhan mo ko pag may GG ka na. *nudge nudge wink wink* Haha, God bless you dude! :)

P.S. Purple cap? Haha. Just kidding. Oh yeah, if ever we get the chance to do paint ball again, I promise to make my aim better and hit you already. I still want to do that. :P Pis!