Off to Sydney we go!

After a long short while of preparations, I actually made it on time to launch this newest blog in the Refine Me family. Friends, I welcome you to my yearlong mission, my first ever travel escapade that I will save up for with my own money, plan for and will make sure it comes true:

Mission: Sydney
A Pilgrim’s Dream to visit the Harbour City and join WYD 2008.

It’s exactly one year before the WYD 2008 in Sydney, and I’ve mentioned it a couple of times before: I’m going to Sydney in 2008 to be a part of this event, and visit Hillsong Church on the side. :) Itaga sa bato!

WYD 2008 in SydneyAnd just like the geek blogger I am, I just had to document this journey. So hello, Mission: Sydney, my blog to share with the entire blogosphere all about my pre-, during and post-WYD2008 adventures (yes, even if I have not yet saved and have not yet registered, I’m claiming that I will be able to go there. :D Wohoo!). :)

So all Sydney/WYD2008 related posts will be in Mission: Sydney, starting now. I’ve got a year to get ready for this, and if you want to join me in this adventure, let me know so we can plan together!

This is the great adventure! Off we go!

7 thoughts on “Off to Sydney we go!”

  1. World youth thingy sounds like a lot of fun! Hope that you will be able to make it!
    Don’t think I’ll be going though. I have another event to go to next year.

  2. I’ve been wanting to attend WYD2008 too. In fact, I’ve been talking with our parish priest about sending some delegates to the WYD2008 (of course, including me!). If the “sending delegates” didn’t push through I guess I should start saving money now. Hahahhaha….

    I WILL GO TO SYDNEY NO MATTER WHAT! (This is the effect of listening to “THE SECRET” audiobook. :D )

  3. Jeric: It’s fixed na. :) Haha, I have that exact same attitude. I’m not exactly affiliated with the parish here, and I’m not sure if they’re sending delegates for YFC, so more or less it’s going to be an individual endeavor for me. Good luck to us! :)

  4. OH wooow. Gota save up for this too. Waaah Tinaaaa. :) If God wills, we shall see each other in Sydney. Yeaaah. :)

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