On "Legion" and Why It Bothered Me

When I first saw the poster of this movie, I was curious. Angels and the apocalypse and all that? Hm, this should be a good and interesting movie, right?

So I finally watched it today and I came out of the cinema, and all I could ask was, “HUH?”

Quick background on the movie: God is fed up with humans, so he’s sending the angels to exterminate the people. Archangel Michael defies this order and goes down to protect the baby that Charlie, a waitress in a dusty middle-of-nowhere diner is having, because this baby will save humanity.

If you’ve seen the trailer, it pretty much showed the entire story. There were lots of possessions, lots of guns and fancy flights and fights of Michael and Gabriel.

And that’s just about it.

I wish there was more, but really, that’s it. It was nice to see the angels, but everything else was, well, bad.

For one thing, I felt that a lot of things weren’t explained to me in the movie. So okay, Michael went down to make sure the baby lives. Why is the baby supposed to die? Why should he live? What’s going to happen if he lives? I didn’t get any answer at all, except that Michael tells Charlie, “Show him the way.” Then he tells Jeep, “Read the books, look for the prophets!” What? That just left me scratching my head when the movie was finished. Huh.

And what really bothered me there was how Michael seemed to be more “loving” than God. He said something about how he didn’t lose faith in humanity even if God did, and at the end, when he gave God what he needed. I’m all, “HUH?” I know this movie is just fiction, but how God was portrayed bothered me immensely. The God I know and believe is not like that, and none of His angels, even if it were St. Michael, cannot be more loving than He is.

Come on now. Besides, I don’t think Michael would defy God…and I don’t think God would ever make an order like that. Not the God I know and believe in, the one who sent Jesus to die for our sins. There’s just no way.

Sorry, that just bothered me. It’s not a movie I’d recommend to watch, but if you’re curious with the story and you want to watch lots of guns and weird zombie-like possessed people, well, go ahead. :P In all fairness, Paul Bettany did good in his role, and that’s just about it. I still think they could have done a better story.

Okay now that I’ve written a blog post about the movie, I can now sleep. :P