Only in the Philippines!

This is interesting! Riz tagged me to do this meme, who tagged others who tagged others and now I don’t know who I will tag. :) Now I’m not sure who to tag since everyone else seems to be tagged.

Anyway, Juned found this weird, funny and a bit morbid looking postcard and scanned it:

Only in the Philippines!

If you’re not familiar with this, this postcard is an execution scene in the old days, back in the Spanish era. Now look at the people at the back, who seem to be posing for the picture! Haha, yes, it may be morbid, but it’s actually a very typical Filipin trait — finding the funny side in everything, good AND bad. :) It’s the way we can laugh at how bad corruption is, or make jokes at something as serious as the elections. It’s not that we don’t take things seriously; we just know how to look at the brighter side of things.

Here’s the backside of the postcard, edited by yours truly:

Bawat Pilipino Bayani!

Here are the instructions for this meme:

1. Download the scanned front and back of this postcard and resize to fit your blog. (Riz, panakaw ng bandwidth. :P)
2. Enter your independence day message on the back and post both images on your blog.
3. Title of post should be Only in the Philippines!
4. Tag five fellow countrymen

Tags go to: (Haha, this is hard! Almost everyone I know is already tagged!)
Jeric, Lai, Sasha (Says), Gean and Jeff.

Mabuhay ka, Pinoy! :)