I wrote this reflection for Didache for March 11, 2009. I don’t think I shared it here yet, but I think today is the best time to share it. :)


“And if you want to be first, make yourself servant of all.” – Matthew 20:27

He started out in the lowest rank of the company, just like everyone else who just got accepted. I don’t how much he was paid but I was sure it wasn’t that much compared to the salaries people get right now. He did his job diligently, never complaining since he needed the job. Pretty soon, he got promoted and he made his way up the corporate ladder, earning a managerial position.

After a few decades in his job, he encountered some problems with some of his higher-ups but he still did not complain. Instead, he continued to do his job well. After some time, another company offered him a higher position. He accepted it, said goodbye to his old company, without any hard feelings at all.

My dad is now the general manager of an insurance company abroad. Even if he is already in a high position, he still continues to serve his company, his employees, his family, and most importantly, God.

Happy Father’s Day to the most awesome dad in the world. :) This is an old picture of us (like, six years old already, wow!), and this just made me realize that we don’t have too many pictures together lately. We must remedy that the next time you’re here. :)

I love you, Papa. ♥

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads (whether you are in awesome riding boots or not) out there, too. :)