So close

Day 24So let’s try this mobile blogging thing again. WordPress for iTouch, plz to not eat my entry? Ktnx.

I’m on Day 24 of this blogging challenge…and honestly? I don’t think it’s doing anything for me. I don’t know if it’s because I just have too much work or the lack of a theme but I can’t think of things to write anymore. At least interesting things that is, that don’t sound like it’s all “me, me, me”. I almost wanted to skip today but I figured I should still try…so here I am.

I’ve got six more days to go at this and I’m kind of dreading it because I really have no idea what else to blog that is even remotely interesting/inspiring/whatever. Everything else I wrote sounds like I’m complaining or sounds like I’m the only one interested in it. Kind of like talking to a wall, or shouting in the air where no one cab hear anything, you know? Does anyone even read this thing besides me? And a few people I know?

I hope I get hit by inspiration tomorrow. Let’s see.

Six more days, Tina. Let’s see if the challenge would bring anything.

On another note, I just remembered an email I need to send. Now please don’t eat my entry.