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"Now and forever…until the time is through…"

So it’s a not-so ordinary day at the office, and suddenly, my teammate plays a very familiar song.

I’d go anywhere for you,
Anywhere you want me t
I’d do anything for you,
Anything you ask me to…

Ah yes, Backstreet Boys. How I miss thee.

So, on another boyband whim, we started playing and singing random boyband songs from her iPod. There was Westlife, 98 degrees and 5ive. Haha, talk about memory lane. I remember I went on a boyband mode a couple of weeks back and I could not stop listening to BB Mak’s album and LFO’s Girl on TV, and I spent like half the night looking at Youtube videos of those two bands as well as Code Red. Wohoo, teenybopper mode! (And just to add to the loserness, I have 98 Degrees’ Because of You on repeat right now. How about that.)

Anyway, so onto Youtube, I started looking for videos of the songs we sang to, and I found this:


This is probably the only 5ive song I really, really liked, and the only one in my iPod. This songs brings a lot of high school memories, even if it’s not really something I could relate to.

But the point of this entry is really not the song but what the music video meant. If you watch the entire video, it starts with two girls gossiping by the stairs about Rich (sp?) and this girl and another boy and how Rich must be “gutted”. Rich is the guy who first sings in the song, the one who’s watching so emo-like out the window while everyone else was enjoying. Then there was a shot of this other guy (is it Scott or Sean?), who seems to be flirting with this girl and then looking around the place until he spots Rich outside on the stairs. The shot goes to the other band members who seem to be having fun at the party, and then back to the two guys with Scott/Sean making funny faces at Rich and then finally going in to join the others.

I never really paid much attention to the video then because I was more focused on the song (plus any video that is not a Backstreet Boys video is really nothing to me hahahaha), but today I actually found the time to appreciate the video. I figured the real story of the video goes like this: Rich and his girlfriend broke up, and then the girl shows up at the party with another guy, which devastates Rich so he goes off on his own and does not enjoy the party. Now Scott/Sean, notices he’s gone so he talks to one of the girls (but why do they look like they’re flirting? I kind of thought he was the rival there…and that girl is so thin, she must be on diet pills) and then goes off to look for him. He sees all his other friends busy with other stuff until he finally sees him outside and tries to cheer him up, and so Rich decides to move on (I think) and joins his friends and they have fun.

Or wait, maybe the girl Scott/Sean talked to was Rich’s ex?

Haha I know, I just wasted some time on that. But it’s nice to be reminded of the good old 90’s. And to think of something not so serious, you know? How would you interpret the video?

And for your viewing pressure, I’ve got some more boyband/teenybopper/90’s music videos under the cut. See what you’re familiar with. :P

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