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Delete Cookies?

Taking a break on  Monday morning evening to share this cute image that made me laugh out loud today:

Delete Cookies?

Isn’t Cookie Monster just adorable? Okay, he isn’t that cute in this image, but that look of bewilderment is so cute. :P I saw a Cookie Monster stuffed toy in Toy Town last Christmas and I would have bought it for myself…if it wasn’t Php 1,500. :( Boo. He’s at the same level of Grimace with my fangirl-ing. So if you want to buy me a birthday gift (March 17 *wink*), that cookie monster doll would be a good one. :P

I wonder why all these kid character fangirl-ing came now that I’m on quarter-life. Regressing much? It’s good to like kid stuff every now and then. :P

Okay, back to work now. :)

Image credit from Macaroni and Serendipity :)