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MacUpdate Parallels Promo

Ever since I’ve gotten Aslan, I have started to seriously consider buying him legitimate software. I know I should have started doing this long ago, but my budget back then didn’t allow me to have legit Photoshop and others (actually my budget still doesn’t permit me to buy all the software I need; thank God for bundled software I got when I bought Aslan :D). Anyway, now that I’m working and I’m really enjoying using Aslan, I’m thinking of investing on some legitimate software. Hey, I’ve started buying albums now, why stop there, right?

I got a heads-up of the newest MacUpdate promo from Ate Angela, and I am drooling at the software bundle. Lookie:

MacUpdate has partnered with 10 Mac developers to bring you the MacUpdate Parallels bundle. You can buy this bundle for $64.99 instead of $474.76, a savings of over $409 (when all 10 apps are unlocked). This bundle is time limited so buy today.

History: In 2007, MacUpdate and partnering developers sold over 27,000 bundles, hitting record volume unseen anywhere else during the year. It was a superb year for everyone who participated in the fun events. This year, the Parallels bundle is expected to become the biggest online Mac software event ever seen. You can join in the fun and access a unique combination of newly released titles and some of the best high quality apps created by our passionate developer friends. This bundle is priced lower than the cost of Parallels by itself!

Your Deal: When you purchase bundles now, you’ll be the immediate owner of Hazel, Art Text, MenuCalendarClock, Leap, StoryMill, Typinator, DVDRemaster Pro, and Sound Studio. Then when the Mac community spreads the word and reaches 4,600 bundles sold, BannerZest will be unlocked into the bundle for free. People that purchase the bundle before each unlock milestone will have the unlocked products automatically added to their accounts for free. Because of the superb success of the Mac community in the last 2 bundles, we fully expect to reach all 3 unlock milestones during the 2-week span of this event.

Spread the word: Talking about the MacUpdate Parallels bundle helps spread the word about this fantastic opportunity. And the more people that talk about it results in unlocking the top tier products more quickly. Posting notes to your blog and chatting about the event in Instant Messenger helps the developers, MacUpdate, and of course helps you.

Drool! =p~ The only thing this bundle is missing are some saddles (…where did that come from?). The thing that really got me here is the Parallels software, which would be really useful for my developing and designing gigs so I can run Windows. Hazel is nice too, especially when I’m all OC. DVD Remaster Pro should be useful because iDVD doesn’t really do that much of what I need to do. :/ The other software I’m really interested in here is StoryMill, which I think would be useful once NaNoWriMo comes in.

I haven’t bought the bundle yet, but there’s six days left, and I’m still on the borderline of buying it. I have other things to save for, but this is such a yummy bundle that I don’t want to pass it up. :-s

Anyone have comments on this? :) Push me to the right direction? :)

UPDATE, April 25, 2008, 9:50am: PARALLELS HAS BEEN UNLOCKED! Ack, should I buy, should I buy??? I have 5 days left!