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On Judgments and TV Personalities

I’m on day shift again this week, so my gym schedule is back to after work. I don’t mind, except that it’s kind of a hassle to go to work in proper work clothes and end up sweating because of the heat. But oh well, I’m used to it, I think. Better the heat than the floods, right?

So last night, I got home a few minutes before ten, and I managed to catch a few minutes of TV before getting a late dinner. My mom arrived, then, and it was just in time for Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010. Last night’s episode was about Shey’s eviction, and Tricia’s reaction to what she found out about nomination conspiracy against her. I didn’t really have much information on what happened in the past three weeks because I barely had the time to watch, but I do know that most people don’t like Tricia, and they really want her out (but of course, she still gets the most votes every week since she’s been nominated — familiar much? Hello, Wendy?).

I was fixing dinner when my mom said, “Kawawa naman si Tricia.” (Poor Tricia.)

All I said in reply was, “Eh masama naman daw talaga ugali ni Tricia eh.” (Tricia really has a bad attitude)

To which my mom replied, “Eh pwede naman nila sabihin sa kanya yun.” (They could have told her about it)

I didn’t have a snarky reply to it after, because truth be told, it made me think. I always prayed about being loving, about holding my tongue and stopping myself from being judgmental or saying things about people because I’m just as dirty and sinful as the next person. I’m not saying I don’t say anything bad about another person because it’s a lie; I’m saying I try. I try to be more loving even if I don’t feel like it, I try to hold my tongue, I try to do what Jesus would do.

Last night’s conversation about someone on TV made me think: how far should this effort to be loving extend to? I remember back in college, Tuesday shared in a household that she prayed to be more loving to everyone she meets — from the person in the library that she barely knows to her closest friends. I understand that…but what about TV personalities? Actors? Actresses? People in reality TV shows? I mean, yes, they’re put in a controlled environment, and we are only shown what the producers/directors want to show to make the ratings go higher (so they can get better life insurance online quote? Just kidding :) ), but they are still people too. People who need love, even if it’s from a complete stranger like me.

I’ve been mulling over this early this morning as I commuted to work, and honestly, I still don’t have an actual, concrete answer. Except that I know that if I were in their place, I wouldn’t want people to judge me for whatever they are only seeing on screen. I couldn’t even take it when people stick to their first impressions and have no room to change their minds, what more if we never really had a chance to talk?

I guess…the pursuit of being loving, of being a true follower of Christ is really not just limited to the people near me, but really to everyone. It’s not a new thing, come to think of it. Last night’s short conversation with my mom reminded me that…and told me to be more careful with my judgments and my words. Yes, even with TV personalities.

After all, actors and actresses (and reality TV contestants) are people, too.

Pinoy Big Brother Season 2

I’ve been a viewer of Pinoy Big Brother since the first season, and I am kind of excited for this new season…and in connection with this, I present to you: Chismosang Kapitbahay! :) It’s a blog where I talk about anything connected to PBB Season 2. My take, my opinions, my observations and whatnot. :P Comments are highly welcome; now come on and be a chismosa in Big Brother’s house. :D