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Thoof Your Personalized News

There is this one commercial for a local credit card which shows a rocker chick who is also a bookworm, a dedicated mom who is also a boxer, and the like. The commercial stresses that the company knows their clients personally, based on the purchases they made with the credit card. It’s cool how this personalization is done for most of the things we use right now, like the way Thoof delivers personalized news. Unlike other Web 2.0 applications, Thoof does not ask the members to rate the articles they read if it is good or not. Once an article is clicked, Thoof takes note of the clicked article, putting it as a part of your profile. If you think the article is not interesting, you can click on the “not interesting” link and it disappears from your profile. You may also add articles, share articles through email, edit some posts and vote if the changes done to other posts are correct. You may also choose to hide some articles instead of reading them and marking it not interesting.

I think Thoof is a cool way to personalize the news that you read, so you’ll only read things that are of your interest. Personalization at its best. :)

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