The (Ph)one that Got Away…and Came Back

This is a follow-up entry about my Smart Addict Mobile retention plan and new phone woes — yes an unexpected development!

So I was busy minding my own business last Monday, doing some work stuff and such when an unknown number suddenly calls my personal number. I look at it for a while, wondering if it’s a possible employer who found out about my skillz…so I answered it.

Me: Hello?
Smart Man (SM): Hello, good morning, is this [insert my Mom’s name here]?

I was dumbfounded for a while — why are they calling my number to look for my mom? Then I realized that it could be Smart.

Me: Uh…no, this is her daughter, I’m the one using this line…who is this?
SM: This is from Smart, we just want to inform you that your unit, Nokia 6233, is here.
Me: [pause] Ah okay.

At this point, I wanted to tell him off, at how this retention thing sucks and why I have to wait for so long when I could just buy a phone and say goodbye to having a Smart postpaid line and get a Globe prepaid line, who has unlimited texting privileges unlike Smart…

…but of course I didn’t.

Me: Ah okay. I could pick it up anytime?
SM: Yes, ma’am, at Robinson’s Galleria Smart Wireless Center.
Me: Okay, thank you.

Now enter the dilemma. I stated my convictions pretty well about this issue and I was preparing myself to have a prepaid again. But of course, I’d have to wait and save for a phone, which means I must have a stable job for the next six months if I want to buy it using the credit card. And I’d have to wait. Waiting isn’t such a big thing for me, actually (I’m so used to it that sometimes I get unnerved when I don’t have to wait). But when it’s already in front of me, calling for me to just claim it and yet I still have to wait, well that’s a different story.

But then the Php1,000+ monthly bill for the next 24 months feels a bit painful to the wallet as compared to paying around Php2,000+ for six months…wait, the latter’s painful too, especially since I have to give out a bigger amount of money.

So I talked to my mom, who owned the line and we came to an agreement: we’ll still get the phone and continue the line, but she will help me pay for the bills by splitting it in half and anything in excess to that bill is also mine. If ever I get a raise within the time of retention, then I’ll shoulder the bill again (operative word: IF EVER :P). I pay for the phone too, so it’s mine.

But wait, I thought I was so angry at Smart that I vowed never to get a Smart SIM (or not)? My mom (M) and I (T) came up with these reasons:

  1. (M) It would be hard to get a postpaid line if we have this one cut off. My brother’s planning to have his disconnected (after serving him for four years) and that is under my dad’s name. My line is under my mom’s name because my dad helped her find a way to get it approved. Since she’s already retired, she won’t be able to get another line if we want to. Obviously, I can’t get one yet since my salary isn’t enough and my brother is too.
  2. (T) I want to get the phone already.
  3. (T) It would be easy for me to make calls to my dad in case of emergency or something else (i.e. having major arguments at home where my dad needs to mediate). Hm…if my mom calls my dad through that, would she pay for that part of the bill?
  4. (M) My mom plans to get a Globe prepaid SIM together with her Smart, and she wants to get my N6020, but I told her I’d be using that…but she can use it if she wants, I’ll just get myself one when I save enough. My brother and I agreed, though, to buy her a new phone for her birthday if she really wants to get a Globe. Or earlier.
  5. (T/M) I have more PasaLoad privileges if ever my mom runs out of load and doesn’t have access to any load whatsoever.
  6. (T) It’s such a pain to change numbers again.
  7. (T/M) Like what was mentioned in # 3, calling privileges. 200 minutes, baby. :P But if people keep on calling, I should ask for payments, ano? Payphone? :P

So I guess my going back to prepaid is not going to come true anytime soon. I’m still going to have to carry three phones (Smart, Globe, Sun) and I will still have to load Globe every once in a while…but I guess it’s okay. But at least I have a stable, will-never-run-out-of-credits-unless-I-forget-to-pay-my-bill phone line.

And a new phone. Must not forget that!

Ah, what the heck. I feel like I’m going to eat my words sometime in the middle of my renewed plan, but at least I am assured of some sort of financial assistance from my mom. I sort of feel bad that I’m still asking them for financial help for things I would be using more than they do now that I have a job. :-s But I still hold my ground that Smart should have more promos for their postpaid lines (i.e. unlimited texting for Smart to Smart, etc). Seriously! It would definitely boost up loyalty points with the subscribers. Hello, Smart?

And can I just say? I can’t wait to get that phone. 6233, you’re mine!