Twenty One

As of this writing, I’m down to my last two hours and ten minutes of being 21. Whee. Okay, so maybe not exactly two hours, since I was born around 2 or 3 am I think, so the exact time is still a bit of a long one…but hey, tomorrow is still my birthday, so it’s still my day. :P

For the past few days, I’ve been constantly on my feet. Friday night was a night out with my college friends, where I think I ate too much at Teriyaki Boy. Hah. I was supposed to go home early, but Ramie called and asked not to go home yet. The original plan was to go to Redbox for a round of videoke, but Aithne had to go, so Kiran and Ramie decided to drop us instead. I got to Galleria, hung out at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for a while as I attempted to write in my journal…but then they started closing so I moved out to Ministop. It felt weird writing there so I just waited for my brother. I got home very late, which meant I slept late…

…which meant I got to the IBM Club team building late. But it wasn’t really for anything, since everyone else was also late. The team building, which was originally at Loreland moved back to our office, was actually quite fun. Everyone was so competitive, it’s funny. :)) The highlight of the day was the scavenger hunt, and then the tower building. It proves that you don’t need to be in a fancy place to get the team together, yes?

After the team building, my family and I headed to the airport to pick our dad up, and then went straight to Duty Free for some shopping. I got my early birthday gifts: a bottle of Lip and Cheek Stain (which my brother bought earlier), a new wallet, and two Revlon compact powders ((This thing costs twice as expensive outside than in Duty Free, which is why I hoarded :P)) which I really love and has a wonderful skin lightening. Then of course, the chocolate shopping was there and then it was time to go home.

Today was Palm Sunday, and my parents and I were out earlier for mass and then lunch. It hit me again that my birthday is tomorrow, and as of this writing, Grace is convincing me not to go back immediately after eating lunch tomorrow, which means she’s planning something, and I better follow. Haha. I’m going to mass during lunchtime tomorrow anyway, then go eat and then go around for a while to window shop. That should give her enough time, whatever it is. :P

So now…I shall go and write in my journal as I wait for the clock to strike 12. I will spend my first few birthday moments in prayer and then sleep because I know for sure I have a long day ahead! :)

Thank You Lord, for another year in my life. May I remember whose I am, and that You are the star of the show, especially on my birthday. :)

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