You, the Night and Candlelight

You, the Night and Candlelight

Ah Dave. If there’s any single artist I really and truly love for all the songs sung and written, it’s Dave Barnes. I’ve posted and raved about him and some of his songs and his video here, and he’s one of the artists that I have sworn to support and see live in my life time.

So when he announced in his MySpace and his email group that he’s going to release an EP…well, I knew I just couldn’t and won’t miss it. For anything. Even if it meant having to go through the confusing iTunes store sign up. Yes, I love Dave that much. No moving companies can stop me. (huh)

I’m not much of a music reviewer, really because I focus more on the lyrics, but I’m going to try reviewing Dave’s newest EP here…why? Because I love this guy. :P Haha. Seriously. You should go listen to his album. I’m not kidding. :P Anyway, here we go!

You, the Night and Candlelight is Dave’s Valentine’s offer to all his fans. It’s a five-song EP that contains two remakes of his old songs, one revival and two new songs. It’s all about love, obviously, and the wonderful (really? :P) feeling of being with someone you love during that special Valentine’s night.

Okay, maybe I’m making it up. But I have a feeling this EP is something that you can play on a date during Valentine’s day and enjoy every single song. It’s all clean music, which is a big big plus, and makes it even more romantic. :) From the first song, Loving You, Loving Me (about looking forward to the one you love coming home) to his amazing revival of My Girl to the beautiful remake of his own song Until You (I can never have enough of this song — and this one is in piano version…ahhh beautiful), to Home, where he sings about finding home wherever the people he loves are and finally to another remake of his wedding song, I Have and Always Will with singer Amy Grant.

It’s such a beautiful EP that I kind of wished it was longer, but then I wouldn’t have time to appreciate everything after. That, and the pretty album cover — I’m just really, really sold.

So don’t miss out. :P His EP is available in iTunes, and you can also drop by his website to watch videos and listen to voicemail which will only be available until February 14. And did I mention that Dave is such a comedian? :P

You, the night and candlelight is all I’ll ever need,
Loving you, loving me.