A Friendly Reminder

Here’s a little bit of comfort from my morning prayer time (I finally got to do it again before I got to work — Yay!), which hit me hard, after all the er, complaining I did for the past two days.

The clinging of the women is symbolic of the way in which we can cling to comforting things in an unhealthy way such that they stunt our growth as Christians. The nature of Christian life is that God wants us to be always moving forward. He is not interested in us becoming comfortable in one way or another with our present faith experiences as He knows there is always so much more for us to receive from Him…clinging is usually symptomatic of the desire to remain static and not to accept the challenge of letting go in faith and trusting that we will be able to make the next few steps of the adventure of lifeI will have to get better that letting go of controls in my life and trusting that God will lead me to the right and best place for me.
– Fr. Steve T.

I know this already, but as usual, little old weak me needs reminding from Someone who definitely knows better. Thank You.

By God’s grace, I will live through this. I will cling to nothing else but Him. This is my Great Adventure.

Happy Tuesday everyone. :)