A Very Long Birthday

day seventeen.

My birthday is ending on other parts of the world, so I guess it’s time to do a recount of what happened in the past few days.

This has probably been the longest birthday celebration that I have ever had, hence the title of this post (thanks Jana for the suggestion). I guess it’s because my birthday fell on a Wednesday, or maybe it’s for another reason…but whatever it is, it kind of relieved me of the birthday blues. You know, the kind you get when you realize your birthday is over, something I mentioned in a previous post, I think. By eleven o’clock last night, I was glad that my day was ending, and I was ready to start my 24th year.

But first, what made it so long, anyway?

March 13 – 14 (Saturday to Sunday).

I knew my friends were already planning a surprise party for me, as it’s suddenly a tradition between my friends and I. I tried my best not to expect, really, but it’s funny how we’d often joke about the party. :)) It wasn’t until Wednesday last week when Chester invited me to my own party that I confirmed I had a party.

Now, the thing was, I didn’t know what to expect for the party. I didn’t know where it would happen, who would come and all that shiz. All I know is that on Saturday, I’d go to the gym, then hang out with my friends and watch a play in the evening. My mind would play all sorts of  scenarios in my mind: maybe they’re all in the condo? Did they invite my old friends? Maybe we’re not really watching a play tonight? Maybe, maybe?

After a very long afternoon in the gym (Body Combat + Body Pump + Body Jam), my friends and I left the mall and headed for Makati, where we’re supposed to meet up with Cors and Gel for our dinner before he head off to Avenue Q. We had a very long drive to Makati, which involved us supposedly getting Krispy Kreme, getting gas, going around The Fort and getting lost in Makati. We finally got to Greenbelt at around six. By that time, I wasn’t thinking of the party — I was already too hungry to do so. Noel and I headed for Chili’s, and then I spotted a couple of people and then…OH HELLO!


So yeah, it was a surprise party for me. :P I was surprised, even if I knew about the party,  because I didn’t know who would be there. And of course, the sunflowers! ♥ That alone can bring a huge silly smile on my face!

The party was short, because we still had to watch a play, but it was still fun. :) I felt very pretty in my pink dress (thanks again to Jana for picking this out for me :D), and it was just fun to be with my friends. :D The food was good, the laughs were genuine (I think haha), and I think everyone had a great time, even if Toni, Noel, Cors, Gel, Pau and I had to rush to RCBC for the play. Oh, and the Chili’s staff gave me a surprise too — and it’s on video, and I’ll post the video here once it finishes uploading in Youtube — connection’s being bad to me right now, boo.

And Cors just shared my birthday invite. Let me laugh now. :))

After the play, my friends — the conspirators — headed to our house for more talk and some drinks. Pau stayed for a while before going home, then the rest of us stayed until 3:00am, drinking, talking and laughing. It was the first time I had friends over since the flood, and it was nice. :) Didn’t I tell you that I have the most awesomest friends ever?

I spent Sunday feeling like a zombie, and my body aching from all the exercise, but my heart is full to the brim. :)

March 15 (Monday).

Monday was a normal day, really, at least until the end of the day. I bought two dozen Krispy Kremes for the Blue Comms general assembly, and had a grand time with them as usual. My brother fetched me from work, and there was a teensy bit of misunderstanding with the original plans for the night. My brother, his fiancee and I ended up at Banapple, where we ate a great dinner and talked about diet. :P Haha. When my brother and I got home, this greeted me in my room:

Chucks :D

It’s not the classic pink Chucks I wanted, but it’s still brand new Chucks! My two pairs are almost 5 and 3 years old respectively, and though they still look okay (scruffy, old but still okay), it’s nice to have a new pair of sneakers. I do think this are Chucks for kids, though, because of the butterfly and stars pattern, plus there was a label on the box that says kids. Either way, it’s still very cute, and I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow. :D

March 17 (Wednesday).

The greetings started the night before my actual birthday. Of course I waited for my birthday to come, so I stayed up until late writing a blog entry, and then listening to Twenty Four by Switchfoot (perfect song to turn 24 to). When I woke up, I had a few text messages and a TON of Facebook messages that didn’t seem to want to stop! It was fun seeing notifications every now and then. ;)

I got to work, a bit late, but just in time to go to lunch. My teammates and I headed for Shakey’s for our team lunch and my birthday treat. It was traffic along Libis because of the Crocs sale, so my other teammates were late. When my team lead arrived, he was carrying a cake! Yay!

Happy cake time!

My team lead also happens to be my god daughter’s dad, and he gave me her gift!

From Maya

There’s no drawings, and the scrawls were light, but I still think this is the cutest gift ever. :P

After a huge lunch, the girls and I went for coffee then went to work. A few hours later, I got a call from Red Ribbon saying that I have a cake waiting at the reception. But wait, I didn’t order a cake! I don’t have anything to pay for that cake!

But surprise, surprise…it was another surprise! Marvs ordered my favorite cake (Tiramisu Meltdown!) for me (using Grace to fish, haha!), with a note that said…Titamats. :P Haha. But yes, I was surprised, and yes, I broke my diet yesterday for the cake. :)

More Cake!

After eating some of the first cake, I headed off to meet my family at Padre Pio to hear mass, then got my things and had dinner with the family at Cyma. I thought the surprises were over, but just as I was about to get the bill, our server arrived with ice cream and a candle, while the waiters of Cyma sang me a birthday song. :)

The birthday ended with a trip to the grocery, trying out four kinds of Crocs that my mom and brother got from the Crocs sale, and answering a truckload of Facebook messages! Last count was 139, plus this really sweet birthday greeting from Matt (and the rest of Blue Comms, I assume):

So…that’s my birthday. When the clock struck 12, I was kind of sad that my birthday is over, but I realized that it’s still my birthday somewhere out there in the world. :) Hah. But now, it’s officially over, and I’m not sad. My 24th birthday is going to be a nice memory, but I guess it’s time for me to start living my 24th year. :)

Which reminds me, I still have to do some things related to turning a year older, namely:

  • Bake a cake. Because I promised myself to bake a cake for my birthday.
  • Create my dream board. Because my planner has space and I thought I should make use of it.

So once again, THANK YOU to everyone who made this Very Long Birthday fun and memorable. Here’s to being fun, fabulous and 24 (as my invite said haha). ♥