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Hello again, ISP Bonanza. Sigh. It’s Day 7 of no DSL, and we’ve called PLDT DSL Hotline four times and every time we call, I have to repeat what was wrong with our DSL (no light for the ADSL link in the modem). We’ve done everything — turn the modem on and off, restart the computer, switch the ends of the phone cable, try repairing it, but it’s still nothing! ARRRRGGGGHHH. The only thing the customer service reps keep on saying to us is, “We’ll forward your report to the technical team and we’ll contact you in the next 24 hours.” Well, you’ve forwarded it thrice already, and I know I’m not bad at Math and I know it’s more than 24 hours; what’s next? Are they even working tomorrow, since it’s elections? Shall we wait until you finally get your butts moving and then still pay the full amount?

Hay. I know from all the posts I’ve read that PLDT DSL (and its customer service) sucks, but I was hoping I would never experience that. Tough luck. What I really don’t get is that
why they don’t go for the faster solution. I really have this strong hunch that our modem is broken and that their network in this area is (not stellar, but) okay. Why not go for the faster solution — can’t they just and try to replace the modem first? If it still doesn’t work, then it is the network. But if it works, then we won’t be bugging them about this anymore! Isn’t this so much easier?

And another suggestion to the customer service of PLDT: give all your “reports” a report reference number, just like what Meralco does. If you give all reports a report number, the subscribers would just have to give that number to you when they do a follow up, and you’d be spared of asking for what the problem is since the report is in the database. Plus, we’d be more assured that you actually forwarded the report. I now wonder if these people really forward the reports at the first time subscribers call them or if all of that is just a big fat lie. Grr.

Okay, I wills top. If you work in PLDT, heads up! I’m not the only one who has this problem.