Bible Study

I’m thinking of starting my own Bible Study. I got the idea the other night when Bea told me that she read the books of Timothy. I read it that night and I found myself reading the explanations below the text (I have a Christian Community Bible) and it was interesting, for the lack of better words.

I used to have this Bible reading plan that I never finished (I got as far as the Second Book of Kings) and since I read the Bible during my prayer time every morning, I figured that should be okay? But then I realized that the readings for the entire year don’t really cover the entire Bible. I also realized that I don’t have to just read the Bible during my prayer time but also during other times — it’s a book, after all and I do love reading so I should get to reading that too. Right?

So now I’m planning to start my own Bible Study, as in my own self-paced Bible study. Complete with notes and whatnot — it’s about time I made use of my blank notebooks at home. We have three Bible translations at home (Christian Community Bible, The Message and New International Version) and that should cover enough ground for me to understand some things. :P Haha. I have yet to get a New American Bible (with Deuterocanonicals) because I’m interested in its translation.

Anyway, in connection, does anyone know a good Bible study guide available online? I’ve searched around but found nothing good. I’m also thinking of buying this book from House of Praise entitled Cover to Cover which features a comprehensive one year Bible reading guide but I’m not sure of it yet. If you have it, is it any good? So any suggestions?

And last! Anyone want to join me? :) We could make a discussion group or something like that. :P This should be fun? Any takers?