Father Dearest

Happy Birthday, Papa!One of the things I realized while I was being stressed out by our thesis is that one calming word from a parent can easily dissolve all your fears. And it’s true, because back then, during the times I was scared silly of our upcoming thesis things, I would hear/read an assuring word from my parents and I know that everything will be okay.

If I try to write all the things you’ve done for me here, I’d never finish. So I won’t, because I think that even if I don’t write it, people can see how good of a father you are to us. :) We’ll always be grateful that God blessed us with a good father like you. :) Swerte talaga kami.

Thank you for everything. :) I think I can say that I am a daddy’s girl because I always feel calm and protected when I’m with you, or when I hear you assuring me that things will be okay. Kaya idol kita eh. :) I don’t know how to say this without sounding so sentimental…but you’re one of the reasons why I know I need not be afraid of tomorrow. :)

Haha, ang drama! :P HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA! ♥ Many more birthdays to come! I love you! ♥ ♥ ♥

2 thoughts on “Father Dearest”

  1. Hi Tina, thanks for your very kind words. I don’t know also what to say.. I am just a simple father trying to do what God asked us (and Mama) to do to take care of you and give you comfort everytime you’re in need.. Thanks also for your prayers and I pray also to have more..more.. birthdays to come so that we can be together for many, many years so that I can be a witness also all your success.. God bless.. I love you.. take care.. Papa

  2. You dad’s birthday is the 18th??? That’s really funny cause my dad’s birthday is today, the 19th. Hehe, that’s really cool.

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