Fear God and nothing else

As if an answer to yesterday’s post, I got this in my daily Elisabeth Elliot devotional:

Fear God and Fear Nothing Else
Author: Elisabeth Elliot
Source: A Lamp for my Feet
Scripture: Psalm 27:1, Proverbs 19:23

The world is shaking with fear. “What will become of us? Where will it all end? What if Russia…? What if cancer…? What if expression…?” The love of God has wrapped us round from before the foundations of the world. If we fear Him–that is, if we are brought to our knees before Him, reverence and worship Him in absolute assurance of his sovereignty, we cannot possibly be afraid of anything else. To love God is to destroy all other fear. To love the world is to be afraid of everything–what it may think of me, what it may do to me, what may happen today or tomorrow for which I am not prepared.

“The Lord is the stronghold of my life–of whom shall I be afraid?” (Ps 27:1 RSV).

And yet, Lord, the truth is that I am often afraid. I confess it. All the weight of your promises seems sometimes to be only a feather, and the weight of my fears is lead. Reverse that, Lord, I pray. Give me the healthy fear that will make light of all the others–“The fear of the Lord is life; he who is full of it will rest untouched by evil” (Prv 19:23 NEB).

I’ve always found Ms. Elliot’s devotionals very helpful and timely, as if God intervened so that devotional would be sent to me today, after I expressed my doubts and fears yesterday (and I truly believe He did just that!). Lord, thank You for this message…and I pray for what Ms. Elliot prayed…please reverse the feeling of fear and increase my faith…I admit that I fear most of the time and I forget Your promises, and Lord I ask that You take away all my fears and help me to trust in You and to believe in Your promise. Amen.

My dad is going back to Saipan tomorrow. :( Oh well, I’ll see him soon enough. I hope you get there safely Pa! :) Haha, I know you’ll be reading this. :P Wohoo, see you reaaaal soon. :)

Happy July everyone! :) We’re on the second half of the year already — whoa! Before we know it, it’s 2007 already…I hope by that time, I have a job already. :P Who knows, I may be finally able to buy gifts for my friends using my own hard-earned money this year! That should be something to look forward to. :) Here’s to the last 6 months of 2006! :)