I'm proud to say you're mine ♥

Happy Mother's Day!

I remember it so well: it was the day of m first thesis proposal defense. I haven’t been home for a few days and I was so scared and nervous. Then you text me, wishing me luck for the defense. I texted back, telling you to pray because I was scared…and you called me and talked me out of my fears. We failed that afternoon, but when I called you, you gave nothing but loving and assuring words, telling me everything’s going to be alright.

There was a time when I came home from school, and I sensed tension in the air. Turns out you accidentally chanced upon my journal, and saw some of the things I’ve been hiding. I told you everything, and I was afraid you’d get angry…but we ended up bonding. :)

I was having blisters all over my body — my fever was bad and the skin problem I had was getting worse. You brought me to the dermatologist and got me medicine to drink and cream to put all over my blisters. Even if I was in college already and I can manage pretty well, you helped me put the meds just so everything’s covered. :)

I was tired with schoolwork and thesis. You accompanied me as I got our thesis ringbound, and while I was waiting for it, you disappeared into the grocery. A little while later, you were back, carrying a bag of groceries for me to take to the dorm for the week with all the stuff you know I like, and an additional bag of M&M’s chocolate. :)

We weren’t always good to each other — in fact, I think I answered back to you too many times as I was growing up. But I know that despite all that, you were, are and always will be there for me. I know that even if we don’t really like and understand the same things, I’ll always be able to count on you to storm the heavens for me. You’ve taught me to pray, to value my faith and to believe in God’s faithfulness. You don’t have to apologize for not being the perfect mom, because to me, you ARE perfect. :) Flaws and all. :D

Without you, our family wouldn’t have been the same, our home wouldn’t have been the same. I wouldn’t be who I am, I wouldn’t be where I am. Thank you. :)

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama! I love you! ♥

And before I forget…Happy Mother’s Day, Mama Mary. :) Thank you for always praying for us. :)

And finally: Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

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  1. Aww cute, para lang kayong magbarkada na naglalakad sa park. hehe. :)

    Happy mother’s day to your mom!

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