Light and Darkness

It’s Sunday night and it will be Monday in a few minutes, and I had a really short yet busy weekend. But it was all very interesting. :)

Last Saturday, I woke up late and rushed all the way to Makati to meet up with Cors at Greenbelt for our confession. I realized then how far Makati really was. Total rides I had to go to all the way to Makati from our place: 4. Gah. Well, at least it gave me a lot of walking time. :P

After lunch at Burger King, we roamed around at Greenbelt 5. We visited the new branch of Fully Booked and marveled at (what else?) the books and other items like greeting cards that greeting cards online cannot replace. I was on a mission to find a paperback copy of City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare, but instead, I found Sarah Dessen books! Hope is not lost! I couldn’t leave the store without them, so I ended up swiping my card to get That Summer, Dreamland and Keeping The Moon, which I haven’t read yet. Talk about giddy. :P

After confession (yay happy forgiveness :D), Cors and I met up with her friend at Robinson’s Place Manila (it’s been years since I last went there), and then headed to MV Doulos.

Now it’s my third time to MV Doulos, and I wasn’t really expecting to get anything there, since the last time I was there, there wasn’t anything I liked. This time, though, they brought back the fiction area where I got my Francine Rivers books (that I have yet to read!) from my first MV Doulos trip. They were now selling three books for P200 there with a free bag. There were CDs I wanted to get but decided not to, a kid’s series that I wanted to get but it wasn’t complete (sometimes I hate that I have to complete a series to fully enjoy the books), but I still ended up buying something after a quick search over at the center table: Jake Thoene’s Chapter 16 series. I hear they’re like Tom Clancy books which I haven’t read yet, but I’m curious. :P So they’re now added in my growing TBR list.

Earth HourI got home thirty minutes before Earth Hour. I joined last year’s Earth Hour and I totally forgot to turn off my lights but this year everyone was intent on making me remember. :D It felt like a New Year’s countdown when everyone was counting down to turn off the lights and then it was total darkness. Except for my iPod, laptop and the TV. :P

I watched some of the coverage of the Earth Hour, and I know this is incredibly sappy, but I started tearing up and blubbering when I watched Nat Geo’s video clip about how the world united as one during the 2008 Earth Hour because of what Sydney did in 2007. Did it make sense? I don’t know, something about people uniting for a cause always touches me and makes me blubber like an idiot. ^^;

The darkness was oddly calming, though, and it was really nice to be a part of something big. :) And this has totally made me think more of how I do things now, and how it affects the environment. Seriously.

Today was another day at the mall, where we heard mass and then went our ways to go shopping. I was still hunting for City of Ashes so I went to Powerbooks…and guess what did I saw? The rest of the Sarah Dessen books. Crazy. I couldn’t leave the store without it, especially The Truth About Forever. After lots of roaming around, trying to spot City of Ashes, I decided to get Someone Like You, This Lullaby and The Truth About Forever because I know I would totally regret it if I don’t. My credit card is definitely complaining though. :P


Weeee. Don’t they look pretty? :D Now I only need to wait for the paperback copy of Lock and Key and it’s complete. :P

And I can’t wait to re-read The Truth About Forever in print. ;)

Speak novels

I love that they all have that Speak logo there. The very last book (the one with the green back) is Robin Palmer’s Cindy Ella). I am now always on the lookout for these kinds of YA novels. :)

Now it’s already past midnight, meaning it’s Monday already and it’s back to work. I better get to bed now. :) Busy week up ahead!