March: Thirty Days of Celebration

So here’s the deal.

I want to do something kind of big this month. Again, March is one of my favorite months, and I don’t want this month to go by without challenging myself somehow. I know, it sounds crazy because I seem to find a lot of challenges to join for myself every now and then…but what’s life if you’re not challenged, right?

Or maybe I am just crazy.

Anyway. The last time I did a 30-day blogging challenge, I failed at the end because of the flood that caught all of us by surprise. I’m sort of pretty sure a flood will no longer happen — at least, not anytime soon, so I guess it’s pretty safe to have another 30-day challenge, right?

But I realized that last year’s blogging challenge was kind of hard for me because I didn’t have any focus, not unlike Riz, who focused on blogging about 30 awesome things. I didn’t have any kind of theme — I just blogged because I felt like it. This time, I want t have some kind of theme with my blogging, and because I’m turning 24 this month, I figured…why not write about things worth celebrating?

Tada! Here’s 30 days of Celebration!

I have a feeling I’ll be complaining about this sometime soon, about how I’m running out of things to write about, but I do hope I’d contradict myself and find it easier this time. :) It may be something grand to celebrate about, like watching the upcoming Paramore concert, or turning 24, or even something as simple as getting roller blinds…I’m pretty sure there is something worth celebrating everyday, right?

The 30 days will run from March 2 to March 31, so the official start is not until tomorrow. I thought of writing this as my first post…but that might be cheating. And yes, I’m doing that to challenge myself further. :p

Oh, and there will be an additional challenge for myself this month, but I’ll mention that when I’m done, because I’m not really sure if I can actually do that challenge. Okay, I may not have made sense there, but…yeah, I’ll explain next time. :P

So, hello, March. :) You’re going to be awesome. ♥