Rainy Days

Rainy days. Ah, how awesome you are at times, but most of the times, you’re not.

Wait, what was I saying?

So it’s another rainy day here in Manila (and I thought that good weather last weekend would stay), but now as I look out the window here the office, everything is gray. Gray, gray, gray.

And you know what’s one thing most people would like to do on days like these? (Except for sleep, or curl up under the covers with a good book)


Not the emo-dress up type, but you know, look out a window and think deep thoughts — life, love, work (uh), and everything else that counts as deep (and I think it doesn’t include thinking about best diet pills). That kind of emo.

Or wait, is that even emo?

Haha anyway, I may just be hungry/work-ridden/bored, even that’s why I’m posting something as random as this.

But wait — here’s something I find interesting: i can read. Interesting, interesting stuff! It’s kind of like Postsecret, but they’re images with lines that…well, are striking. These things remind me of Riz‘s Project 365 (which I love, btw). There’s so many “awww”-inspiring images there that it makes this rainy day feel even more sentimental. Haha. Here’s some of my favorites:

I Love You. So Simple So True So Painful.

Oh, so painful. Ahaha.

You're Never There


Dear Diary...

You give me the kind of feeling people write novels about


Possibly the cutest one I’ve seen:


Have a happy rainy Tuesday everyone! Be safe. :)