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12:34:56 07/08/09

Okay, so I don’t really know if this will post at exactly 56 seconds past 12:34 (because WordPress’ scheduled posts doesn’t have a seconds feature), but I’m hoping by the time anyone reads this, it’s 12:34:56 on 07/08/09. Or past it. But whatever.

I know, I’m a geek. When I read Dane’s tweet about it, I knew I just have to blog about it, and blog on the exact time.

Say it again: geek. It’s like when I posted about Happy Numbers a couple of years back.

Anyway, I’m on day shift today because of an LJ girls dinner tonight, and I’ll be spending the night at the condo so I wouldn’t be able to go to the gym tomorrow morning. I honestly don’t feel like it either — my legs hurt! And tomorrow is supposed to be cycling day, and I have a feeling I wouldn’t be able to walk by Friday if I force myself to do it tomorrow! So Friday. Toni, sorry! At least you’ll be sleeping in tomorrow? Haha. I swear, going to the gym with a friend is better than any weight loss product. :)

I also really need to go to the dentist downstairs in a while for cleaning as well as check up because I have a bad feeling that I have a cavity and one of my molars have been hurting since the other day. Hm. I hope I can finish early with the dentist today…if not, I’ll be going tomorrow, I guess.

Oh, and if you want to see something geeky and funny? Well, here’s Lola Techie. She’s the grandmother in Bayantel’s new commercial for their DSL, the one who knows her Facebook. :P  You can even follow her on Twitter. :P This new commercial of her is simply hilarious:


Have a great Wednesday everyone. Off to the dentist!

Gym, Triage, Sick Weekend, Twister Fries, Leopard

Sometimes I tend to think that I’m indestructible, but at those moments, I get hit. Bad. Or okay, not that bad, but bad enough to let me stay at home all weekend.

But let’s start. From last weekend. :P

So last weekend, I met up with my high school friends for our “fitness” day — something we came up with after meeting again three weeks ago. Toni has become a gym guy ever since he signed up for Fitness First, and I’ve been meaning to sign up for the gym for a while now, but of course, I’m making use of Toni’s membership and his ability to bring me in as a guest in different branches. That Saturday was a relatively physically painless day, but it was kind of painful on the pockets. Why? Because I finally gave in and signed up for Fitness First. Haha, congratulate me, yay? Now if the gym fee that will appear on my monthly bill is not enough to motivate me, I don’t know what to do anymore. :P

Because of that newly spent cash that new commitment, I dropped by the gym on Monday and Tuesday. Nothing heavy yet, because I was really too tired from work and all. Wednesday, I had to pass because my legs ache and there was the storm. Sort of. Thursday had me up and not feeling well, which made me go to Medical City’s ER by Thursday night because I was burning with fever.

Okay, not burning. I just had a fever, period. Because of all the A(H1N1) news and paranoia (seriously, I think it’s kind of over-sensationalized already, come on), my mom and brother and I went to Medical City to have me admitted…but of course I have to be checked up yet.

My 2-hour wait at Medical City’s triage area commenced as soon as we got to the ER. Yes, two hours. There were so many people there, it was almost like Black Friday. Okay, I may be exaggerating, but I swear, the waiting area was full with people waiting to be checked and almost all were wearing masks. I don’t want to discount what other people felt there, really, but I have a feeling some of them were just like us: paranoid. Haha.

I ended up going home around 1am as advised by the doctor because my fever is still new and there’s really nothing to see yet. I don’t think the doctor will use a testing kit on me since other people need it more, and I’m not an urgent case. Which I really did not mind because really, all I want then was to go home and sleep. It’s kind of good to know that I’m not really a critical case. :P

So the weekend was spent at home, recuperating. Friday woke me up with Michael Jackson’s death (Rest in Peace, MJ), and then the rest of the day was spent sleeping, reading and trying to get my fever to go down. I was starting to panic with my fever — and not to mention that it was really hot that day, so it was even more uncomfortable. Good thing by Saturday I was feeling better, but I still stayed home and spent most of the day reading and playing Sims 3. Boring in a way, but it was nice to stay home. I remember how much of a homebody I am.

Oh, and there was this overwhelming craving to eat Twister Fries over the weekend. If any of you had read my tweets or my Facebook status, you’ve probably seen me wailing for some Twister Fries from McDonald’s. I finally got my dose thanks to my brother. ♥ I’d like to thank other people who offered to bring me some too — haha you made me feel better, really. ♥

And finally, Sunday, I was all better, but I was a bit grumpy (again ugh), and still coughing. When I got home from Megamall, I had this weird thought of upgrading my MacBook Aslan from Tiger to Leopard. I know, I’m late, and I’ll spare you all the other background stories. So anyway, I backed up, upgraded and now I feel like I have a brand new computer — it’s so pretty. Shiny pretty brand-new pretty, if not for the fingerprints on the keyboard and the computer, I’d think it really was brand new. Haha. I can’t wait to play with it again.

Now that I’ve blabbed for how many paragraphs…I’ve updated. There’s more that I need to discuss in depth and all, like what’s really up and all the other thoughts that I should be writing down. Am I making sense yet? I’m running into a lot of blogging blocks and it’s not really fun. Why do you think I have a lot of book reviews now instead of actual posts?

Oh and speaking of books, Belong to Me by Marisa delos Santos is absolutely enchanting. ♥

Rainy Days

Rainy days. Ah, how awesome you are at times, but most of the times, you’re not.

Wait, what was I saying?

So it’s another rainy day here in Manila (and I thought that good weather last weekend would stay), but now as I look out the window here the office, everything is gray. Gray, gray, gray.

And you know what’s one thing most people would like to do on days like these? (Except for sleep, or curl up under the covers with a good book)


Not the emo-dress up type, but you know, look out a window and think deep thoughts — life, love, work (uh), and everything else that counts as deep (and I think it doesn’t include thinking about best diet pills). That kind of emo.

Or wait, is that even emo?

Haha anyway, I may just be hungry/work-ridden/bored, even that’s why I’m posting something as random as this.

But wait — here’s something I find interesting: i can read. Interesting, interesting stuff! It’s kind of like Postsecret, but they’re images with lines that…well, are striking. These things remind me of Riz‘s Project 365 (which I love, btw). There’s so many “awww”-inspiring images there that it makes this rainy day feel even more sentimental. Haha. Here’s some of my favorites:

I Love You. So Simple So True So Painful.

Oh, so painful. Ahaha.

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All Things Random

U luv me furever? Right? Okay, first off, don’t you think this LOLcat is the cutest, ever? I squeed when I first saw this through my Google Reader. That anxious look on the cat’s face is just priceless; it makes me want to pick him up and cuddle him and assure him that I do luv him furever. See?

Aw shucks, now I really want my own cat. We have a cat at home but it’s really afraid of humans that it runs away when we get near. The only time he’s “friendly” with us is when he’s hungry. He sits by the table outside the door and “taps” us with his paw when he passes by. Er, okay, yeah we know you’re hungry.

I want a cat I can hold. And promise to luv him furever. Hmph.

Life’s been pretty busy. Wait, not just pretty, but very. Ugh. I hate that there’s too many distractions — Plurk, Facebook to mention a few. But then that only means I’m not focusing and I’d rather procrastinate. UGH. Focus Tina! Step up! I need you to step up!

Um…okay, now that was my stress talking. Hehe sorry about that. I’ll write more about stepping up sometime soon, when I have a grasp of what I am supposed to be doing. What’s for sure is there are big things and new responsibilities in the horizon, and I appreciate everything being done for me to face them, I just have to actually stop resisting and face them. Didn’t make sense? I know, but I hope I can figure it out soon. :)

I am looking forward to this weekend, for our upcoming beach trip. That should give me a bit of time to relax before plunging into work again next week. It’s going be difficult, but I know it’s an adventure (that hopefully does not involve cattle supplies). Time to grow up Tina. So help me God. :P

Anyway, I shouldn’t be blogging right now because I have this long Belgium request I need to finish…but I found this at Camy’s blog and thought I’d answer this too. :D

1. What time did you get up this morning?
7:00am. That’s actually quite late already; I’ve been waking up at 6 for the past few weeks. It feels weird waking up “late”.

2. Diamonds or pearls?

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
The Spirit, with Happy. I liked it.

4. What is your favorite TV show?
Okay, the ones I really watch every week are Gossip Girl, Chuck, Privileged, The Big Bang Theory, Kyle XY, and CSI: NY. My favorites from those are Chuck, The Big Bang Theory and CSI:NY. All are geeky shows, did you notice? Haha. Other TV shows I like but ended already are Daria, As Told by Ginger and Joan of Arcadia. :)

5. What do you usually have for breakfast?
Cereal with milk and bananas. Or eggs. Depends on what I feel like making/cooking or what is available.

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iTunes Shuffle Meme

Watch me be bored as I try to think of Wordplay # 17. Heh. This weekend has been pretty quiet, save for a fun lunch with my college “mommy” Cathy, and some more quality time with the folks. I think we’re all trying not to think of the fact that my Dad is going back to Saipan again tomorrow night and it’s back to how we were since last Christmas. Here’s to me commuting again. Hay life. Gotta grow up, gotta step up.

Anyway, while I try to think of how to write my 17th piece of the year (I am seriously thinking of better rules for this without resulting to cheap blinds as prompts), let me answer this iTunes Shuffle thing I got from other blogs somewhere online. Feel free to grab. :D

Instructions: Put your iTunes Library on Shuffle and answer each of the questions with the titles of the song that comes up.

Personal comments in italics. ;)

Take Me Away by Lifehouse
Hm. Interesting. A guy who “takes me away”? Why not. The bridge of the song is something noteworthy: Don’t give up on me yet / don’t forget who I am / I know I’m not there yet / But don’t let me stay here alone.

Lead Me to the Cross by Hillsong United
Absolutely IT! Yes yes yes this is it! :D Lead me to the cross / where Your love poured out / Bring me to my knees / Lord I lay me down / Rid me of myself / I belong to You. ♥

Ladies Choice by Mandy Moore

Hm, I haven’t really listened to this song in its entirety. Maybe I should note this song now.

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Last Forever

Some of my friends have been doing this, and I thought I’d do it too to bring some interactivity into this blog. Let’s see if some people would actually answer. :P

Today’s question is insipired by this PostSecret image:


In case you can’t see it, the card says: If I could make this last forever, I would.

So, the question is: If there’s one thing you’d want to last forever, what would it be?

Yes, I am throwing deep questions on the first time I’m doing this. :P But hey, it’s a valid question. :)

My answer:  The easiest answer would probably be I’d wish for all the happy moments to last forever — those days when everthing seemed perfect, like the Switchfoot day, or when I get free Hilton Head rentals. But as much as I’d like those to last forever, I guess I wouldn’t too because it would lose its novelty. So maybe…one of the things I’d really like to last forever (but I haven’t experienced in the longest time :( ) is the peace I get after I pray. The refreshed feeling, the one where I feel that whatever happens during the day, be it good or bad, I know that I can conquer it because God’s with me. I know God’s with me still, but I’ve been having a hard time staying “connected”, and if it weren’t for the daily mass the past weeks, I would’ve probably been totally disconnected. I’m still working on this one, and I hope I can finally find a way to be back in tune, because I really, really miss it.

How about you? What would you want to last forever?

Sunday Randomness

The last time I sat here at Robinson’s Galleria’s Starbucks with my laptop (ole Ginger, not Aslan) was back November 2006, where I sat at the corner, busy writing my NaNoWriMo novel. That was such a long time ago…I can’t believe it’s been more than a year. :) That was way before I did some admin job search…which was more than a year ago too. Now I’m back, because I’m sick of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and nothing beats Starbucks’ iced mocha (but I’m saying that only because I think it tastes like their Dark Mocha…or does it?). However, there’s always so many people here, it’s hard to find a nice seat where I can be privy to my own thoughts. Bah. :P I miss Seattle’s Best.

Before I continue, let me just say that the previous paragraph sounded so elitistang burgis, as my thesismate would say. :P

On another note, I bought two books yesterday. I was originally planning to buy only one, so I dropped by Bestsellers to see if Jasper Fforde’s latest Thursday Next novel (First Among the Sequels) is already available in paperback. I didn’t find it there, but I really wanted to get a book to read (this is beside the fact that I have two unread books at the condo — Pride and Prejudice and Wicked, but I don’t feel like reading them), so I ended up getting something fluffy: The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. After staying at Coffee Bean, I went around the mall for a while and decided to visit National Bookstore. Lo and behold, there was the paperback version of the first book I was hunting. Of course I bought it. :D I’m more than halfway done, and I kind of had a hard time adjusting to Fforde’s world again, but after a few pages, I’m back on track. I love this series, and if you haven’t read it, well, go to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy of The Eyre Affair or The Big Over Easy! If you like reading books, you’d love this series — I mean that literally! :)

All these book talk suddenly reminded me: Book Fair is just around the corner! Ack, does this mean more books to be added to my To-Be-Read pile? Looks like it.^^;

And now from books, we go to writing. I’ve had a lot of alone time this weekend and I’m sad to say I did not do one bit of writing. :( I hardly even touched my journal. Sure, I carry it around, but I haven’t really gotten down to write anything on it. Ack, I suck. Aside from blogging and emails, my creative writing has taken a break. And I miss it. I so want to write something, maybe even a bit connected to what’s happening right now, or even write some bits of the novel I’m planning to write this year…but it’s either I’m too lazy to do so, or whenever I try to write, I just come out dry. :| This is one of the times I wish I had a friend like Thursday Next to get me a plot device from the BookWorld to play with my stories. Or…maybe I just need to exert more effort. :P

I’m getting out of Starbucks in a while to hear mass and probably go back to the condo to check if our bathroom is dry and mop it up if it’s not (don’t ask), and then head back here to get dinner and invade another coffee shop. Oh and probably buy that cute white shoes at Celine. Tomorrow’s the start of another work week, and I’m ready to conquer it (I think).

This random post is brought to you by Lifehouse, an iced mocha drink, the letter A and the number 427. Don’t ask. :P

Losing Things

My mom and I just got out of Wendy’s after eating our lunch earlier today and was about to head to the department store when I stopped short.

“Ma, wait lang. My comb is missing.”

I patted my pockets, and felt around my bag to see if I can feel the familiar dull comb teeth…but alas, I couldn’t.

“Check Wendy’s.”

So I walked back to Wendy’s to see if it fell from our table. I hoped it was there, that it was at the floor under the table…but it wasn’t.


Then panic mode.

I DON’T HAVE A COMB! Ack! That comb has been with me for almost a year! I bought it for only P10 and it’s the one that lasted for so long and now it’s lost?! It’s small and fits my pocket nicely…and it’s PURPLE! How can it be gone?!

Hay. I immediately went to the department store to look for something similar…I ended up buying this medium-sized black wide-toothed comb that looks a bit ugly…but at least it’s a comb. And I can use it well.

I miss my purple comb. :(

That was a true to life anecdote that happened earlier, and I still mourn for the loss of my comb. Seriously. I’ve never gone out of the house without a comb. It’s always in my pocket if I’m wearing jeans, or in a very accessible pocket in my bag if I don’t have pockets. I’ve had Hair Doctors that broke, combs from Anonymous store (love them) that got lost in friend’s cars or in bathrooms or somewhere else, and combs that just lost its teeth. The last one I had was a cheap one I bought but I like it because of the things I mentioned above: it’s sturdy, it’s cheap, it’s wide-toothed (perfect for combing through wet hair), and it’s purple (my favorite color). And now it’s gone! I didn’t even feel it fall from my pocket. :(

Ah, I’m so shallow, yes?

Seriously speaking though, if there are some things that I shouldn’t lose or else I’d feel very incomplete (other than my cellphone, wallet and iPod), these would be it:

  1. My comb
  2. My black 0.3 (or 0.4) Pilot gTec pen

Just last Wednesday, I went to a club meeting at work. Before that I mentally debated if I should get the gTec pen or just get one of my other pens on my desk. I decided to get the gTec since I haven’t been using it for a while. I slipped the pen in my notebook’s spiral binding and was off to the meeting. I ended up not writing anything, so the pen stayed there. When I got back to my desk a few hours later, my pen was gone! It fell off from the spiral! :( I felt like such a lost writer because my favorite pen is missing! :( Just as when I wanted to write in my journal!

Shallowness again, yes, but those two things above are two things I must always have with me. Weird, I know. I’m trying to figure out why, and I think the comb is like a security blanket. It’s like part of my armor/getup for the day. I must carry a comb, or else I feel like I’m going to a battle without my full gear. As for the pen, back in college, when I was a part of the literary folio, the editor-in-chief mentioned something about writers carrying a pen everywhere and it stuck. And then I started to love the gTec, which almost always makes my handwriting look so nice and neat, that it’s my number one preference in pens. I feel like the writer in me is missing something if I don’t have that specific pen.

OR…It could only be because my hair always needs to be combed because of its thickness and length, and I hate losing a gTec because it’s so expensive, yet I still buy them. :>

So that’s my dose of shallowness today. :P Oh, I have already replaced the gTec pen I lost the other day, and I’m making sure I take good care of it this time ((For some reason, all my past gTecs are either lost or get broken before they even reach the halfway mark. :| Anubeh.)), and as for the comb…I’ll get used to the new one. Unless the purple one miraculously shows up again or I find something exactly like it, the important point is, I have a comb in my bag. :)

This moment of shallowness is brought to you by the long weekend. Thankyouverymuch. :p

Handwriting Meme

I’m stalling. Fine, fine, I’m procrastinating. I have one more thing to finish today (well two things actually, but one can wait until tomorrow), but I haven’t done a thing. Argh. It’s 9pm, I should get moving…but after this post. :D

This meme has been done a couple of times over at LJ, but since I update this more than I do my LiveJournal, I’ll post it here. Rules are simple:

On a piece of paper, write and answer the following and then take a picture/scan it:
Current music:
Favorite movie:
Favorite book:
Describe yourself in 5 words:
Something weird about yourself:

So…here we go:


I was too lazy to scan it, so I just took a picture using Aslan’s iSight through PhotoBooth and edited it via Photoshop.

I remember taking a picture of my own handwriting a couple of years ago, when I still participated in message boards. :D My teammate told me last Friday my handwriting looked like it was computerized…but I really don’t think so. I personally think it’s still messy, with the non-uniformed size letters and whatnot. Or maybe I’m just being OC. Heh. I’m glad it’s not too chicken-scratch handwriting, though, or doctor-style penmanship, like the ones who do plastic surgery in Baltimore have. My cursive is okay, reminds me of a teacher’s handwriting. :D Oh, and I can write straight in unlined paper, so yay, because I like unlined paper for my journals.

I’m always curious about other people’s handwriting. So come on, do this! If you have did this, or have done this before I posted, do post your entry so I can check them out. :)

But first…I will work. NOW. Must finish this before 10pm. I’ve got 40 minutes.

From the top of my head

I’ve been out all day and I am so tired. I woke up early to hear the mass with my family, then met up with Happy so we could go fetch Tuesday from the airport. Then we went to Tuesday’s house for lunch, and we looked at all the stuff she brought home from her vacation (thank you for the funky notebooks and the Ikea container :D), and hung out at their place all afternoon to laugh at her sleepiness, oooh and ahh with all the random trinkets she brought home as she unpacked her luggage sets and read. On the way home, Happy and I stopped over at Bonifacio High Street to check out the iSkin that Happy is buying for Tuesday. Happy and I then had dinner at Binalot, then went to Krispy Kreme in time for their hot light and bought half a dozen doughnuts each, and then went home. Now I’m home, finished watching CSI:NY’s latest episode and I’m hitting the sack in a few minutes since it’s back to work tomorrow (and again, I’ve said this a million times: I love how I’m not dreading Mondays anymore :D). What a loooong day, and it was fun (though it’s funny how we were all lazy to take photos — so much for documenting these stuff ^^; ), and I love spending it with my girls. :)

Before I finally go to dreamland, let me write a few things from the top of my head which I shall probably write about sometime soon and am writing here because I am simply too tired to write them down on my offline journal:

  • I’m not much of a Krispy Kreme fan because it’s too sweet, too expensive and too far away for me to get some, but when I got the free, freshly baked one earlier, I was…blown away. Yes, I’ve never had a Krispy Kreme doughnut that is hot like that. Heh. Yummeh. =P~ I now have half a dozen of it to share with my family. :)
  • I’ll be taking a day off from work on Tuesday to spend with la familia. I hear we’re going to Tagaytay, which means (late) lunch at Josephine’s, and I’m thinking of sharing some part of the bill if we do eat there. And take lots and lots and lots of photos. :)
  • As much as hanging out with these two girls is always the highlight of my week/month, I can’t help but feel sad about something about someone. I feel like I’m losing a friend. A little effort is all I ask, is that so hard? Hay.
  • It feels weird typing on Aslan with a keyboard protector. Plus it still looks like my keyboard is kind of greasy. I should get a new microfiber cloth and clean Aslan.
  • I read an old friend’s blog a little earlier and it makes me feel sad that there’s a lot of things I don’t know about her anymore. Well, maybe I’m just not updated. She just feels so…faraway. And I miss her. Hmm.
  • Ugly Betty Season 1-2! Yay! Can anyone lend me House, please?
  • If I want to finish 50 books this year, I better finish the two books I’ve started..like soon. And post a progress bar here so you guys can bug me about it.
  • I really should sleep.

Rest well, everyone. :)