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I’m sorry to start this post with negativity, but I just want to let this out:

I hate allergies.

I’m not really a sickly person, at least, not lately. When I was a kid, I used to be sick all the time, and I think that kind of helped me develop some kind of strong immune system. Sort of. I mean, I have a strong stomach and it takes a day before it realizes that I actually have indigestion. I don’t know if that isn’t enough indication of it.

Anyway, I’m not too sickly, and ever since I started working out, I know that I’ve sort of improved, physically. I hardly even get asthma attacks anymore. But there’s one thing that knocks me down faster than I can say salbutamol: allergies.

I’m not too sensitive to food, and the only things I’m really allergic to are shrimps, crabs and other crustaceans (too bad, especially since those are the yummy ones). I know I’m also allergic to mint lip balms, but I don’t ingest that anyway. What I really hate is that I’m allergic to some kind of dust that gets me sniffling in less than five minutes when I get in contact.

I’m not so sure what kind of dust it is, but I always get hit by allergic rhinitis every now and then. We move to a new office? Expect me to have a stuffed nose by the end of the day because of the carpet. Sleeping in a new place? Oh dear, allergies again. Visiting a place with dusty decorations? Sneeze galore! Going to Araneta Coliseum? That, too (I know, that kind of surprised me too). Sometimes, my nose gets stuffed when I eat something I am allergic too. Sometimes I get allergies right before I go to bed, and it’s annoying because I sniffle all night long and I feel like I am waking up every sleeping person around me. :(

Yesterday, my teammates and I went to Bench to check out some clothes, and less than five minutes after we went out, I started sniffling. What’s more annoying is my throat started to hurt, and it’s like a new symptom of these allergies. Whenever my throat hurts, I know it’s a sign that my body’s demanding rest, so I take it easy. I usually start drinking a lot of water, drink lots of tea (ginger and lemon), go for Strepsils or Orofar-L, and gargle with Betadine mouthwash. That usually gives me instant relief, but when it’s caused by allergies, it doesn’t really help.

Like last night. I drank some Celestamine, which should put me to sleep, but I ended up waking up after falling asleep on the couch. Not only do I have a headache, but my throat was burning. Argh. I gargled, then went to bed again, and woke up with a burning throat that I almost wanted to cry. That’s the worst feeling in the world — waking up, swallowing and feeling that burn at the back of your throat that water can’t wash away.

ARGH. Allergies, I hatechoo.

I think I’m slightly better now, but my throat still feels a bit uncomfortable. This means no Body Combat for me tonight to favor rest for this poor throat (technically, I can go Body Combat since I feel strong enough to do so…but rest is important, too). The good thing is, this gives me time to enjoy home-cooked dinner at home (I think we have tinola tonight), and continue reading Persuasion by Jane Austen while drinking hot lemon tea to soothe my throat. And then drink allergy medicines to knock me out tonight and hopefully give me a good night’s sleep.

Rest. Sounds lovely.

Maybe giving me allergies today is  way for God to tell me to take it easy and rest.

What about you guys? What do you do when you get allergies? Or when you’re sick? Share your stories in the comments below. :)