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To the (future) "Father of Philippine Reality TV"

Happy Birthday, Chris!

I still can’t remember how I met you eight years ago. All I know is that you’re classmates with Toni, and because I have so much friendship issues back then, I ended up hanging out with you guys during lunch. I guess I just got to know you eventually. To be honest, I was intimidated by you at first, probably because of your strong personality but after some time, we just clicked.

And you know what? I probably wouldn’t have liked high school as much if it wasn’t for you. You certainly made competitions interesting, and I remember being so pissed off at you because of something so shallow — like borrowing costumes for a stageplay or something like that. But then again, you were also the only one who understood how I felt during those directing times because we were in the same spot.

You were and still the one who listened to my rants, who never tired from listening to my oh-so-colorful love life, who challenged and respected my opinions at the same time. You are the one who kept in touch after all these years, even if I don’t reply to text messages and even if I continue to not show up because of last minute things. You’ve heard me crying about my failures, we’ve ran for elections, we’ve planned dances and parties together, we’ve even been on TV! :)

You’re one of the dearest people in my heart, and I know that this friendship is meant to last for as long as we are alive because I know it’s meant to be like that. :) I’m glad that even we never got to share the same classroom ever, I found a friend in you. :D

Okay, ang drama! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF MY DEAREST FRIENDS, CHRISTOPHER! :) I pray that God will grant you your heart’s deepest desires, and I pray that our friendship will last “millions of years”, as you said. :) Waboo! ♥