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Summer Escapades

I have one confession to make: I love summer. I know summer in the Philippines is VERY HOT, and there would be no use for tankless water heaters (who wants hot bathing water during the summer?) but I love the entire feeling of summer. :)

Last weekend, I was capturing some videos for a friend to be burned in a DVD. Two of those video tapes contained footages from two of their summer outings, which made me realize how summer really is here. I suddenly had that feeling I always get during summer — the one where I realize I have tons of free time on my hands (which is not really true now because of work), the one where I feel all excited about whatever I will be doing this summer, the one that makes me think of plans to go somewhere and just enjoy the sun (no matter how hot it really is).

Ah yes. My summer used to be composed of the following:

  • YFC International Leaders Conference at the start of summer
  • Everyday fellowship at a YFC friend’s house
  • Planning for a youth camp
  • Attending other chapter’s youth camps
  • Sometimes a Kids for Christ conference
  • Beach trip with the family

When I got into college, my summer became relatively short, but still full of activities:

  • YFC International Leader’s Conference before school really ends
  • Gawad Kalinga summer build
  • GK meetings
  • Movie gimmicks with college friends
  • Batch Assembly stuff (when I was still a part of the BA)
  • CCS LPEP (Orientation) volunteers
  • Enrollment, adjusting, etc.

Things obviously changed when I started working, as I stopped having a real “summer vacation” where all I do all day is wake up at 10, watch TV (preferably cartoons :p), eat, go online, go out and sleep really late. I bum around a lot because I have no money. Plus I stopped attending ILCs (well just this year) because…well, I can hardly relate to them anymore. I also had less time for YFC fellowship and summer builds because I don’t have leaves.

Last year’s summer is very different. The only time I went out was during the YFC ILC in Bicol, and there were planned beach trips which unfortunately fell through. I went out only to go to job interviews, and there was no outing at my old work. Talk about boring.

This year…is unknown. Seriously. We have beach trips planned, and although some are not confirmed yet, there’s this anticipation in the air for things about to happen. Something trying to urge me to have “the best summer yet”. Or at least, something close. :D

Things to look forward to:

And more to come I hope?

Happy Summer! Don’t let the heat get you down! :)