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Happy Numbers

I found this link while reading Massa P‘s latest entry: happy numbers. Say that again?

I’ve read of perfect numbers from Rom, but happy numbers? Happy numbers? Since when is a number happy? Heck, when was anything in relation to Math happy? (Well, okay fine, Math did had it bright moments in my memories, but not always)

According to Wikipedia, a happy number is:

A happy number is defined by the following process: starting with any positive integer, the following process can be applied: replace the number by the sum of the squares of its digits, and repeat the process until the number equals 1 (where it will stay), or it loops endlessly in a cycle which does not include 1.

For example:

72 = 49
42 + 92 = 97
92 + 72 = 130
12 + 32 + 02 = 10
12 + 02 = 1

That kind of makes sense. Let’s try another one, a bigger number. Like…365.

32 + 62 + 52 = 70
72 + 02 = 7
72 = 49
42 + 92 = 97
92 + 72 = 130
12 + 32 + 02 = 10
12 + 02 = 1

Excuse me for being so geeky…but coolness!

And if there’s a happy number, apparently, there also is an unhappy number. Like, 366.

32 + 62 + 62 =81
82 + 12 = 65
62 + 52 = 61
62 + 12 = 37
32 + 72 = 58
52 + 82 = 89

And so on…

Well that was cool. However, this statement kind of made me feel like someone’s pulling my leg with this entire happy number thing:

If a number is happy, then all members of its sequence are happy; if a number is unhappy, all members of its sequence are unhappy.

Um. Right. Doesn’t that sound like a joke to you or something?

Anyway, just some randomness this Friday. I’m semi-sick, but I think I managed to get out of the fever zone but now my nose is stuffed and my throat is still scratchy…but I’ll survive. Total rest this weekend, definitely. :)

Happy Number Friday, everyone!

A Moment I Was Made to Sing

It’s the first official Friday at my new work, since I didn’t spend my last one at work because of the break our boss gave us to fix our requirements. Can I just say? I love that we are allowed to wear jeans on Fridays. Wohoo. I missed being able to do that! Now it’s an excuse to get myself a new pair of jeans and wear my sneaks again! Wohoo!

So I haven’t been blogging as much because I wanted to blog again with a new layout (which is what you are seeing right now). So here. Oh, and I also love it that I can do some designing on the side at work especially when there are no pending work requests. I am now a web content developer by profession, but I still do designing on the side since we don’t get to design as much right now. And I love it that I have enough time to tap into this hobby because we only work for 8 hours. Yes, it’s only my second week, but I really love it there already. Thank You Lord.

Tonight was supposed to be a night of gimmicks, with Mito’s birthday party and the impromptu bonding session of our team together with our trainor, but I obviously have to miss both because my brother felt feverish this morning (which made him miss work), so I have to be around in case he needs help. Plus I need to do some grocery shopping since we’re running out of food. I feel kind of bad missing out on these parties, especially the one with my new teammates, but then again I am also broke since we won’t get paid until the 24th, so once we get paid, that’s when our team would have a “celebration.” Yes, I’ll be there, promise!

And speaking of more adventures in work…I suddenly found myself joining the bowling team of our account for the upcoming sportsfest. To those who know me in real life, I’m not the sporty type. Yeah, I could play decent table tennis, do some ice skating and probably run good enough for track and swim some laps but I’m not really the sports playing type. Like what our team leader said when he first asked us if we could play, I’d rather write about it than actually play. :P But for some weird reason, I got sucked into being a part of the bowling team. I know how to do the basic moves in bowling I think, much thanks to the one time I played with my YFC upper household…but play it competitively? No way.

So what made me sign up? Besides the lack of people around, and the persuasiveness of the girl who was asking us to sign up and I guess there’s this interest of doing something new. Maybe it’s also because I have more time on my hands, and I don’t mind making fun of myself as long as I meet new people and enjoy, too? Haha, I don’t know. But I’m pretty excited, and I hope I won’t get hit by laziness and want to back out. It’s just for fun, and it wouldn’t hurt to try something new. :)

Ah, I’ve never been so contented for the past year! I am truly, truly happy for this new job, and I could not thank Him enough for giving this to me after making me wait. :) The wait just made things sweeter, in my opinion.

Which brings us to this layout. One morning before my final interview at my current employer, I was at Starbucks, drinking (an expensive) morning coffee while praying. I had Triskal on shuffle with my prayer time playlist, and then this song played. I’ve had that song on my player since March 2006, so it’s not new to me but at that moment, the song spoke volumes into my heart, and I knew then that God was with me inside that coffee shop. And I knew, no matter how unsure I was of everything, that God has it in His hands and everything will be okay. :)

Thus the new layout, because every moment that I live and breathe is truly a moment made for worshipping. :) (Lyrics and streaming audio after the cut!)

So I present to you Refine Me’s 16th version, based on Steven Curtis Chapman‘s Moment Made for Worshipping from the All About Love album. :) I’m sure there are bugs (especially in IE), so if you see them, please do tell me about it by posting a comment to this entry or by emailing me so I can fix it ASAP. Pages are yet to be updated, so some of them are definitely old. :P

Off I go! Here is the song I based the layout on and the lyrics for your listening pleasure (streaming only, not for download!). Happy weekend everyone. :)

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Everyday Friday

How I wish that is true. The title, I mean.

This week has got to be the laziest week I’ve ever had. I knew something wasn’t right when I woke up last Tuesday and realized, I don’t have anything to do today.

Now that thought, my dear friends, in the middle of the work week is dangerous. At least for me, that is. I was initially happy to be in petiks mode again after weeks of being buried in work. I was happily blogging, reading blogs, surfing and doing non-work related stuff (bad, I know) — basically doing what I used to do before — but come afternoon, I was bored out of my wits. I still didn’t want to do anything job-related, but I wanted to do something useful go home.

This extended until Wednesday, even if I was slightly busy and today, I was sleepy half the day. Gah. I spent a lot of time subscribing to different feeds in my Google Reader, reading and laughing and pretending to be busy, but what I wanted to do was to sleep. I didn’t know if my boss noticed because he didn’t give me too much work (or maybe because I seemed busy). I felt a bit guilty too because I was not doing anything useful. Of course, I could blame the lethargy on something else, but I don’t want to talk about it here.

Anyway, when it was time for my last meeting earlier today, I was suddenly energized. Which is weird, because this is one project I was getting tired of working on, but now that I have something concrete to do there, I am suddenly all awake. Haha. Weird. Now I have a lot to do tomorrow, which is actually…fun. Haha. But I want this to be finished soon; like what Grethel said, career growth. :P

I promise to make it up next week.

Tuesday to Thursday felt so much like a Friday, it’s crazy. At least tomorrow’s Friday for real, and I actually have a gimmick! Yay! My backpack’s totally going to ruin my outfit tomorrow, but I have to work it out, I guess. Unless…I decide to change into the “gimmick” outfit tomorrow night. To those who know me really well, I know it sounds weird that I actually have a gimmick outfit. Me who never likes night outs. :P Hmmm. Oh well, it’s okay, I guess. :) Or I should just bring another top.

Naaaah. I have too much stuff to bring already.

Anyway, it’s time for me to go to bed, so Friday comes sooner. I’ll be sleeping over at Bea’s house tomorrow to catch up (finally!) after the YFC DLSU reunion/campus tour celebration. :D Good night everyone. :)


Today has certainly been one of my favorite days since I started working. :) I think it’s because of the entire “dress down” atmosphere today at the office; everyone just feels so “loose” and young and so college-like. :)

Today was also chicken day. Reg, Anne, Jane and I ate one whole chicken from the grocery. After waiting for thirty minutes, we ate and then talked about dogs and Philippine showbiz. :P Then we went back upstairs to resume work and around 2:00pm, the electricity went out, so we spent some time talking and waiting for the computers to go back on. The generators went back on, so we resumed work and then it went off again when electricity went on. I got trapped in the CR again (ProxCard, when will I get youuuuu?), and on the way up from the 28th floor, Sir Armand was there from a yosi break and then it was time to tag along for another meeting. The meeting had me laughing because of all the side comments and then I got to be formally introduced to Ms. Rox and Ms. Aileen, and now I’m formally known as the “colleague”. :p

Then it was time to go meet my parents for my brother’s birthday celebration so I said goodbye to everyone who are all heading to the opening of the Sportsfest for the company. I met my parents and on the way to SM Megamall, my boss sent me a message: By the way, good job on the competitor reports. We were commended by Ling.Ãœ Talk about happiness.

Then it’s eat-all-you-can-buffet at Saisaki for my brother’s birthday. He got to read the birthday greeting thanks to my dad’s WiFi laptop. We spent half the time laughing at each other and how embarrassed he is when some people sang songs to him as a greeting. :P

All in all…today is a good day. :) Plus it’s FRIDAY so that makes everything even better. :) Yeahbah.

So before I go to bed and go to dreamland, here’s a quote I got from one of the blogs I visited today. Perfect for today. :)

Stop for a second, breathe a quick prayer, and ask God to interrupt your plans, agendas, schedules, and to-do lists sometime this month to simply thrill you. As audacious as that sounds, it is not a daring request. You don’t really think that if you asked your Father in heaven to throw you a surprise party that He would give you a “White Elephant” exchange instead, do you? Can you dare to believe that God will get an even bigger kick out of delighting you than you will by being the recipient of His lavish love? God is bigger and sweeter and funner and wealthier and huge-r than you could ever imagine. But try anyway. Then ask boldly with expectation of His extravagant grace. (Lisa Whelchel)

Good night world! Have a great weekend! :)